Five Geeky Gifts from Etsy

QR Code Pixel Crochet Blanket

This Week's Five Geeky Picks from EtsyBlankets are typically so dull and boring. The geek in me has been looking for a blanket that does more than just take up space or keep me warm during a cold night.

Enter the QR Pixel Crochet Blanket. This blanket features a variety of colors set in a knight’s move pattern across a working QR code. You can opt to hang it on the wall or put it on your bed. Either way, it’s sure to spark some conversation among guests.

At a price of $480, this custom blanket isn’t for the super budget-conscious, but it could be one of the coolest personalized things you have in your home.

USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard

This Week's Five Geeky Picks from EtsyI’m a fan of the whole steampunk literary and social genre. The idea of taking a step back and rethinking what technology would be if the industrial revolution had gone a little differently is an interesting one.

While typewriters aren’t exactly the most steampunk-friendly of devices all by themselves, they can lend a little of that classic look to any modern home office. Add USB functionality (that works with an iPad using the camera connection kit) and you have a very cool (and functional) addition to your workspace.

At $799, the USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard is one of those pieces you really need to want, but surely someone is going to give it a good home.

I’m Too Cool Science Necklace

This Week's Five Geeky Picks from EtsyWhat element are you? The Periodic Table of Elements has long been a symbol of geek culture as it brings to light all the various elements that make up our world and the identified Universe. A single table contains every bit of known information regarding natural and man-made elements used to fill the spaces both on Earth and beyond. Our bodies are made of just a handful of these elements.

Enter the I’m Too Cool for Science Necklace. It’s a pendant that is about the size of a Scrabble piece and features one of any of the scientific elements found on the Periodic Table. This makes a great gift for anyone you know that has an affinity for gold, carbon, or even potassium.

At $9, it’s undoubtedly one of the least expensive hand-made gifts you can get your geeky friend.

Mini Dungeons & Dragons Beholder Set

This Week's Five Geeky Picks from EtsyNothing gives Dungeons & Dragons players the willies quite like a beholder. These creatures are essentially giant floating eye sockets with miniature eyes as hair. It’s freaking scary to hear them described by a good DM, especially if you don’t know they’re going to be making an appearance in that particular quest.

Appearing in a number of games such as the Neverwinter Nights series, the beholder has a special place in any geek’s heart. Thanks to Etsy, you can give these beholders a place on your desk, as well.

This set comes with four beholders, each with their own platform and accessories. At $20, it’s practically an impulse buy.

Dice (1 Die) — 3D printed, Steampunk Style, Bronze Finish

This Week's Five Geeky Picks from EtsyRounding out this geeky series is this set of one-inch six-sided dice inspired by the cog-driven world of steampunk. These dice replace traditional divots with cogwheels and intricate designs that are sure to make any six-sided dice game more interesting.

Here’s the rub: You’re buying one die per order. At just under $12, this isn’t a terribly high price to pay if you want to round out an entire set. If you have a steampunk fan in your life, this makes an excellent gift.

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