A Social Network for Geeks by Geeks

When Chris Pirillo announced the creation of a social network at geeks.pirillo.com, I was at first a bit skeptical as to whether or not the site would really be worth the time and effort to look at as a serious social network. I mean, after all, I am already on Jaiku, Pownce, Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, among countless others. The idea of joining yet another social network really wasn’t that tempting.

That’s when I surfed over to take a good look at the site and see what it’s really about. I found that my initial reaction was somewhat premature. The site really is full of geeks that have similar passions and could very well be considered experts in their own fields. Yes, you can go to Linkedin and enjoy the professional environment while getting your name out there, but are you really among enthusiasts and truly passionate community members? Do you really share a passion or just a mutual profession? I think not. Sure you will find many who are, but it is quite refreshing to see a social network built around sheer passion and the connections they make.

Are you a Star Wars Geek? A podcaster geek? Do you consider yourself a gadget geek or a computer geek? Do you geek out in Dungeons and Dragons or CyberPunk? What are you a geek of? Check out geeks.pirillo.com and take a look at a social network that brings passionate enthusiasts of a wide variety of subjects together.

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