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Do you want this? Listen up.

If there is one thing we frugal geeks love more than anything in the world it’s free tech. Free tech can come in many forms including a good piece of open-source software, a hand-me-down system you can turn in to a home server, and even something that is just being given away. This month, we’re giving something away.

How would you like a chance to win an Apple TV? It’s small, connects right to your TV or monitor, and plays media both from the web and computers on your network. It can even play media right from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using AirPlay. It’s an awesome little device, and you can win it.

Being entered to win is easy. Simply log in to Twitter and tweet out the following message:

"LockerGnome is Giving Away an Apple TV @LockerGnome @FrugalGeek"

After that, follow @LockerGnome and @FrugalGeek on Twitter. You have to be following them both or you can’t win.

Entries are accepted between now and April 15th. Due to international rules and regulations and blah blah blah the offer is only open to folks in the U.S. and Canada.

So, what are you waiting for, follow @LockerGnome and @FrugalGeek and send that Tweet. The winner will be selected using

Even if getting this for free wasn’t up your alley, if we get a good reaction from the community, we’ll be able to approach other vendors and get you more free stuff, more frequently.

8 comments On Apple TV Giveaway

  • Howdy. I’m Denis, the developer of GeeTasks. If you have any questions please stop by the forums over and I will gladly answer them all. Cheers!

  • I was very happy when trent reznor was releasing flac copies of the ghosts albums

  • absolutely and as this row demonstrated , “Hi Fi” is NOT the preserve of classical music geeks.

  • Compression makes sense for DJs at clubs etc to keep the volume solid during a song, there’s nothing worse than going from a loud song to a quiet intro and folk thinking the music’s been turned off. Then the main part coming in VERY LOUD and getting folk moaning that it’s too loud etc. or worse, it blowing your speakers/amp

    Makes some sense for people in busy cities etc with headphones, but iPods should have software compressors built in by now.

    The only place compression makes no sense whatsoever is in the home when there’s no external noise such as large crowds or diesel engines going by etc.

    I’ve routed my iTunes through logic’s compressor before when going to bed so the music stayed at a constant volume and I wasn’t woke up half an hour later with my playlist nearly finishing and a loud part coming on etc.

  • Actually, I would not consider you a purist at all, as a real purist would not be listening to mp3s unless under duress of some kind.

    Part of the reason so much of music is compressed today is the poor equipment that many people have. To reproduce real music at realistic levels takes power, and lots of it. I does not matter what type of speaker we are talking about, lots of power is needed with even the most efficient corner loaded horns. [The problem with horns is that they introduce their own colorations and distortions due to their design.] The very best speakers are very inefficient and require levels of amplifier power most are not willing to purchase or live with.

    One anecdotal point that Bob Carver was said to make was how much power was needed to properly reproduce the shearing of a piece of paper with a scissors. At normal [same level as the real event] it took a couple of thousand watts to get the transient attack correct – this is why he was famous for high power amps throughout his career, like the Phase Linear 700 and various models that bore his own name.

    It is no wonder then, that for semi-realistic reproduction in the home, several hundred watts of clean power are needed, and we are not talking car stereo exaggerated wattage here. The amplifiers that reproduce this amount of power usually are 5 to 7 rack spaces in height, usually about 20″ in depth, and weigh in at at least 50 pounds. That is for a two channel amplifier. [ Don’t let anyone kid you, two channels of proper recording is all you need with the right equipment! ]

    I should also say that this amplifier is usually found at a price of over $1000, which is more than many people will ever spend on a sound system, thinking that the need is not there, or that differences cannot be resolved that make the investment worthwhile.

    That would be for each person to answer for himself, but if fidelity is desired, not only is compression to be avoided, so are sup-optimal digitization techniques, and low-fidelity playback equipment. [That would tend to be 95 – 97% of the equipment found in homes today.]

  • I am also getting the same Nook Color logo.. can someone help? Im using a 2gb car if that makes any difference.

    i repeated steps several times and no dice. please help!

  • I followed your directions, ran into the continuous color loop like many others.
    I went started from scratch, which is quick the 2nd time around, and did one extra step that worked for me and may work for others also.
    When you are in the ClockWork boot menu, before you install the cyanogenmod, format the system, data, and CACHE folders.
    After doing that I then installed the mod and then the google apps. Removed sdcard, rebooted, and worked for me.
    So if you’re stuck in the Color Nook boot screen like I was, give that a try.

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