Apple’s Website Mistakenly Claims New iPad is Thinner Than a Credit Card

In what is obviously an oversight by Apple’s website team, a graphic showed that the iPad is just 0.37 mm thin, a thickness that would make the iPad thinner than a credit card. How much thinner? Considering a typical credit card measures 0.762 mm thick, the difference is pretty significant.

Apple Typo

This tip was sent in by Craig Prendergast, a member of the LockerGnome community.

The fact is, the new iPad measures 0.37 inches thick. It’s obvious whomever designed the page simply overlooked the measurement standard of the ad copy (located to the left of the image) when they created the accompanying graphics. It’s an honest mistake, and an easy one to make.

According to text on the Apple site:

Even with so much power built into iPad, it’s incredibly thin and light. From the A6X chip to the Retina display, we had to engineer each component to maximize performance while minimizing size and weight. So at just 0.37 inch thin and less than 1.5 pounds, iPad isn’t just capable, it’s portable, too.

One interesting note about is that it’s entirely hand-coded, and has been for many years. Each number and image is an independent graphic from the accompanying text. You can almost bet that Apple will replace the graphic with one that is a bit more mathematically accurate in no time.

This isn’t the first time Apple has had an embarrassing typo appear on its flagship website. Typos are commonly spotted by visitors and reported through various fan forums and official channels. I know I’ve made more than a few typos even here on LockerGnome. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone caught one in this very article.

Still, it’s always fun to catch one in the wild from a company that prides itself on detail.


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