Are Titanium Wedding Bands a Good Choice?

Like any good frugal geek, I looked for ways to save money here and there during the process of getting married last year. My wife, thankfully, chose to wear her grandmother’s wedding ring, we decided on a very inexpensive catering service, and I decided to go with a titanium wedding ring because it was both cheaper and somewhat geeky. Blinded by the general idea of having a ring made from a relatively geeky material; I didn’t pay attention to the warnings I kept hearing from people about the horrors of titanium rings in general.

Here is a list of things to consider when choosing titanium as your wedding band material:

Titanium Rings Don’t Adjust Well
One such inconvenience sounds like a blessing when you’re in the shop. Titanium doesn’t bend. Once you purchase a titanium wedding band, that perfect circle stays perfect no matter how long you wear it. The unfortunate drawback here is your fingers aren’t perfect circles at all. This means a hard metal object will be pressing against the adjoining digits quite often and unless the ring is a perfect fit, you might have to deal with occasional soreness. I usually commit the cardinal sin of putting the wedding band on a chain around my neck or on the nightstand to sleep in order to avoid losing it during the night or waking up with sore fingers the next morning. Again, this can be avoided by purchasing a softer metal that shapes itself to your finger over time.

Titanium Rings Can’t be Resized
This is another warning I heard at the shop and didn’t pay much attention to. If I lose weight (which God help me please do some day), I’m stuck with a band that is too big for me and will need replacement unless the misses prefers I wear it around my neck like the One Ring heading for Mt. Doom.  I’ve already had it fall off in the shower, and even while getting dressed. While some shops claim they can resize a titanium band, they will readily admit that there are clear limitations to doing so, often only being able to stretch it a small amount.

Titanium Scuffs Easily
You’d think with a material that’s harder than many out there, this one would avoid scratches and scuffs pretty easily. Sadly, that really isn’t the case. What was a smooth, polished surface is now a muted brushed-steel looking surface. A gold wedding band can get scratched and scuffed easily as well, though for some reason that material actually seems to benefit visually from its battle scars.

Titanium is Very Lightweight
When I put this ring on, I can’t really feel any change of weight on my hand from it at all. Holding it in the palm of my hand, you would think you’re holding a feather or a bead rather than a decent-sized piece of metal. This is a big advantage if you hate the feel of a ring when moving your hands. While you might get used to a gold or silver band over time, this one comes out of the gate practically weightless and easily forgotten on your hand.

Titanium is Hypoallergenic
Titanium as a material is nickel free, which makes it a safe alternative for people that have allergies to other metals. In surgery, titanium screws are used to hold implants in place because they are easily accepted by the body and have no corrosive properties.

Titanium is Extremely Strong
This feature comes with a lot of myths surrounding it. A titanium wedding band can easily survive a door slam, car running over it, slip with a hammer, drop on concrete and even being trampled by a stampede of elephants. The downside is that it can survive all of these things so you’re probably stuck with it, buddy.

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