Are you Ready for WWDC?

The tech world is alive and kicking as it often is with the anticipation of what Steve Jobs will unveil at the yearly Worldwide Developers Conference being held tomorrow, June 8th. Surely everyone that has their ear to the ground in the tech world has heard the speculation about the next generation iPhone. AT&T Employees are being informed that vacation isn’t allowed next week as they are expecting a large increase in business and customer service needs. The iPhone has been unavailable for over a month now, and with customer interest perking at the idea of a 3G device, sales are expected to be high following the announcement.

There are reports that Apple may allow subsidies on the new iPhone, offering the device as a substantial discount in exchange for agreeing to a multi-year contract with the carrier. This would fuel speculation that the new iPhone might even be available at a lower price point for retail customers that are already with their local iPhone-ready provider.

Other rumors cite GPS capabilities on the new version. This would mean that in addition to having a great Google Maps application, the phone would also feature a better tracking system than its already integrated and yet substantially weaker location system.

Moving away from iPhone rumors, other reports indicate a possibility that the new OS-X version will be announced during the conference as well. Code named “Snow Leopard”, the OS is expected to drop Power PC support and go with an Intel specific system. expects a new MacBook Pro to be demonstrated featuring a sleeker interface and a slimmer waistline. Taking the lessons learned from the infamousMacBook Air, this would mean multi-touch and a chiclet-style keyboard would bring the overall size of the notebook down considerably.

Whatever the case, it seems the tech community may be a little too excited about the annual conference. After all, it is just a keynote, or is it?

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