ATOMS Express Toys Could Inspire a New Generation of Makers

If there is one thing the world needs more of in the next generation, it’s engineers. People that look at problems not as obstacles, but as challenges. Inspiring the next generation to face the challenges of tomorrow can be a real challenge when so much comes so easily to today’s youth. If you want to watch something, it’s instantly available on almost every flat surface they come in contact with. Building something? 3D printers are a household reality these days.

So, what type of toy could inspire the youth of today to pursue a career or general interest in building things? You could pass down your LEGO set(s) and hope that they find building houses and other forms out of them interesting, or you could take it a step further and add ATOMS to their box of tricks.

ATOMS are simple devices that can bring older, static toys to life in a new way. Build a LEGO set and rig it to explode when someone takes a picture with their smartphone. Want to build a crane that really works? ATOMS is one way to make it possible.

Right now, Seamless Toy Company is hoping to bring ATOMS to your local store with a Kickstarter project that has a very lofty $100,000 goal. With 34 days remaining on the timer, the goal is almost halfway met.

ATOMS doesn’t appear to be just another robotic toy. It’s a platform on which kids can bring their creations to life.

Imagine building a LEGO set and bringing it to life by controlling it with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. This is one of the realities the folks at Seamless Toy Company hope to bring about thanks to ATOMS.

ATOMSOn the surface, the product looks about ready to head to fabrication. The project is backed by years of research and development, and with over 13 different ATOMS already built, it’s well on its way to becoming another household name.

Like any Kickstarter project, things look really good on video. On the surface, it appears to be a very robust set of mechanisms which can be used to fit a variety of usage scenarios. The pitch video (embedded above) describes several different ways traditional LEGO sets can be enhanced with ATOMS, but the question of whether or not these devices have more practical uses remains to be seen.

When I was a kid, I rigged up a series of strings throughout my room I could tug on and send action figures ziplining across the room or turn on a light. It was a mess of strings that did little to actually improve the living environment. I could see a lot of potential in ATOMS beyond simple tabletop play. Teaching the youth of today about robotics, motors, and problem solving may scratch the surface on the usefulness of an ATOM.

I’ll bring this question to you. What would you do with a set of ATOMS?

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