AT&T Caps Usage for All Customers

AT&T has decided to do exactly what Time Warner, Comcast, and others have tried in the past only to face an overwhelming customer service backlash. They are going to cap Internet usage to a monthly stipend for their customers. This means that if you use their DSL service, you’re going to have a maximum monthly usage of 150GB and their U-Verse customers will be hit with a slightly less oppressive 250GB cap.

This kind of restriction isn’t often imposed on existing customers. Typically, you’d expect a company like AT&T to give their existing customers a pass until they either move or renegotiate their service packages. When their mobile data plans were capped, existing data users were grandfathered in with their old unlimited service plans even upon renewal. Is this going to change, too?

The biggest problem is among users located in apartments. Most apartment complexes, at least here in Texas, sign exclusives with cable and/or internet service providers giving their residents a reduced rate in exchange for their ability to chose providers. For some heavy users in these situations, this can become a financial nightmare unless they give up their online lifestyles. Watching Hulu, Netflix, and other HD video online may quickly become an activity of the past for them.

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