Avoid High Gas Prices with Your Mobile Phone

Libya and Egypt are in a bad state and we’re feeling the pinch over here in a financial sense through gas prices. Two years ago, gas prices peaked at about $4.00 per gallon here in Austin, Texas and we’re already up to $3.20 and climbing quickly. In times like these budgets are strained and often broken under the weight of travel costs.

This jab to the wallet doesn’t have to wipe out your entire budget. You can get a leg up by using an app that helps you locate the best gas prices in your area. One such app is GasBuddy for the iPhone, Android, and Windows mobile platforms.

The way this app works is by building a community that updates prices in realtime by reporting them directly in the app that other users can browse through while searching for the best prices in their area. Users are encouraged to update prices regularly with a reward points program offering prizes and giveaways based on frequency of updates. The more you update, the more likely you are to win a prize.

Joining the community is a pretty simple process, and the user interface is pretty strait-forward. While the app certainly isn’t pretty, it does function quite well on both the iOS and Android platforms. I wasn’t able to test it on a Windows phone yet, though reviews from users indicate a consistent usability across all three platforms.

As far as performance, GasBuddy choked randomly on my iPhone 3G though the iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 5th Generation flew through it fairly well. This could be an inconvenience for anyone still using the earlier iPhone.

There are others apps available out there with similar functionality as well, so don’t limit yourself to a single resource in your quest for a lower gas price. If you’ve used this or other apps to help find lower prices near you, please comment below and share your experience.

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