Become an Expert on the History of Apple with Mactracker

Do you consider yourself to be a lover of Apple products? Did you know there are people out there who pride themselves on knowing everything and anything about every Apple product through its history? Well, with Mactracker, you don’t have to fill your head with all that information to become an expert on the history of Apple.

Installing this app is pretty easy. All you need to do is head over to the Mac App Store and download it. Once installed, you’ll have access to Mactracker’s wide range of information including just about everything you could ever possibly need to know about pretty much every Apple product ever made. That’s a tall order, but Mactracker has the information to fill it.

Navigation is fairly straightforward. The side panel gives you many different ways to navigate through the database including year, device type, your current Mac, and smart categories, which allow you to search by a specific port or component.

Once you’ve found a product in which you’re interested, a double-click reveals information including specifications, current support status, any software included, a brief history, and an area where you can take notes. You can even take a look back in time at the initial price (and region associated with the price) and base model offerings. If you’ve ever wanted to know what connections were present on the back of a Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh, you can with Mactracker.

While most of the products have their own graphic representation, there aren’t a lot of photos provided to let you know what exactly they look like. This can come in handy when you’re out and about with your geek friends and you come across one of the older models, at a museum or something.

In any case, Mactracker is a pretty fun app to explore and learn more about the world of Apple. While it may not be the most useful app in the Mac App Store, it can certainly feed an Apple lover’s addiction for nostalgia during a boring afternoon.

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