Best Food Tracking App? Lose It!

Over the past six months, I’ve been on a quest to find the best tech out there to assist me in tracking and improving my overall diet. I’ve tried nearly a dozen apps over this time with mixed results. It wasn’t until I came back to Lose It! after about a year away from it that I came to realize just how much it has improved.

Lose It! isn’t a diet plan or a weight loss management service. It’s simply a guide that enables you to set reasonable goals, journal your intake, log your weight, and keep track of your exercise. Its usefulness extends past a simple app and onto a website that you can use to track your progress and view detailed reports about your intake.


Best Food Tracking App? Lose It!Lose It! is one of the more user-friendly health and fitness apps out there. Opening it up, you see a clear measurement of your daily caloric intake including a budget line you should try to stay below in order to continue to lose weight by the time your goal date comes around.

Hitting the Log button will take you to a page where you can view and edit your food and activity logs. You can add food by name or by scanning a barcode to have it added to your log. It’s actually quite simple, and the database Lose It! uses is nothing short of remarkable. It’s very rare these days that I name a food or ingredient that hasn’t been entered into this database.

You can create your own foods, too. Once they’re created, it’ll appear when you search so you can quickly select it and add it to your log.

Exercise is just as easy, though I use my Fitbit to automatically update my exercise on Lose It! Essentially, all I have to do in order to let Lose It! know everything it needs to know to help me reach my goals it tell it what I ate. It literally takes just seconds out of my day versus other apps and plans which require math and research to keep track.

Social Encouragement

You can opt to have your progress become part of the public record by having Lose It! report on your gains and losses on the scale. Once you log your weight, Lose It! will automatically send a tweet and update your Facebook status to reflect this. This is, of course, something you would opt into.

You can also elect to add friends that also use the app to manage a group loss effort. If you and a friend encourage each other to keep up with your plans, having them as a friend gives them access to information you might not want to share with the rest of the world.


I’m not entirely sure how Lose It! makes money. there isn’t any noticeable advertising on the app, and I’m sure books and t-shirts aren’t paying the IT bills. For now, the service remains free.

I know there has to be a catch somewhere, but for well over a year Lose It! has existed on my iOS and Android devices without ever bugging me to spend money or fill out a survey.

Does It Work?

There is a lot of science behind the idea that simply tracking your intake and activity sets you up for success. When you’re conscious about your snacking habits, those habits tend to make less of an impact on your life as they would if you carried on unchecked.

As to whether or not Lose It! works depends greatly on the user. Are you keeping up with it 100% of the time or just logging when you remember to? I find that it does work for me when I make it a point to log every single nibble down in the app. You might be surprised how many calories you take in grazing and snacking throughout the day.

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  • I use a Swedish app similar to the one you’re talking about. It’s called Shape Up Club. Not only can you use it o your device. But you can also sync it with their homepage. Free but you can unlock extra stufffor a fee. Really good.

  • Thanks for the awesome review, Ryan! Glad you’re liking Lose It!. We’re always open to hearing feedback so feel free to drop us a line anytime!

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