Best Gadget Pranks

Office pranks are a pastime enjoyed by geeks the world over. Steve Wozniak, one of the founders of Apple Computer, attributed his electronic pranking devices to preparing him for what would eventually become the first Apple computer. Pulling pranks on someone is easier when you have the right gadget, and there are plenty of great ones out there ready to buy.

Whether you’re a seasoned prankster or just a victim trying to get revenge, these gadgets are sure to provide effortless entertainment at a minimal investment.



Few things are quite as annoying as a sound you can’t quite place. An annoying beep going off every two to eight minutes that isn’t easily sourced will drive someone crazy, especially after having looked for the source for a considerable period of time.

Annoy-a-tron looks like a simple circuit board with a watch battery powering it. A magnet makes it perfect for hiding behind metal cabinets or those metallic bits underneath desks.

At just under $10, it’s a great value considering it will probably be smashed by the prankee after it’s been discovered.

Phantom Keystroker

One of the key components to a good prank is the absurdity of the situation. Even some of the more technologically minded victims will have a hard time pinpointing the source of mysterious CAPS lock toggles and mouse movements. At first, it comes across as a simple technical glitch caused by dirt on the mouse sensor or perhaps a faulty keyboard. After a while, it becomes slightly more apparent that something is amiss.

The Phantom Keystroker is a multi-platform pranking solution that requires a USB port to operate. It’s probably best utilized in an office environment where the back-end of a workstation is tucked away from view. Be careful to warn your neighborhood IT professional to avoid them coming out to solve an issue you caused, though.

Stealth Television Remote Control

Imagine hanging out in the breakroom watching television when the group of die-hard soap opera fans walk in and change the channel on you. They have seniority because they’ve been with the company since before you were born, and that generally means they dominate the remote control, right? Not if you have this little remote on your keychain.

I bought one of these a few years ago when I faced the very situation mentioned above. It takes a while to train the remote to work with your particular television, and even after training, all of the commands might not be quite exact. Still, it’s a tiny little device that gives you the ability to quickly hijack the TV and wreak havoc on the soap opera crew’s dominance over the breakroom entertainment.


Scaring someone is certainly a great objective for the avid prankster. Eviltron is made for just this purpose. Founded on the principal of concealment featured in Annoy-a-tron, Eviltron takes the annoying noises to a new level.

Roughly the size of a quarter, Eviltron features five sounds designed to scare the victim. Place this little gadget somewhere dark, and watch the fun begin as the victim freaks out as a random spooky noise fills the room.

Have you ever been the prankster or the prankee of a situation that involved gadgetry to propel mischief? Please tell us all about it in the comments below!

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