BgPatterns Makes Background Design Easy and Free

As I’m currently scoping out possible designs for a site, one web app in particular has caught my eye as being invaluable in the search for the perfect background. is a simple and quick way to design and customize your own site background for that perfect tiled effect. Whether you’re looking for a simple matte or a crazy tropical feel, the background of your dreams is just a click away.

The site appears to be supported by donations and Google AdSense revenue, so please remember to click a link or drop some change in their tip jar if you find the site perfect for that site design you have been working on.

The designer even has a competitive feel to it as you are able to put your creations against those of other users of the site for a chance to be featured on their front page. This is a fun and easy process and I couldn’t quite pry myself away from the site, even after choosing the perfect background. I’d say this is a fun experience worth giving a shot, especially if you’re still using your old MySpace background featuring the photo your best friend took on their cellphone during a party you may not even be able to remember.

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