Bored? Try 247 Mahjong

One of my favorite games dating back to Windows 3.11 is Mahjong. This seemingly simple matching game combines strategy with luck and serves as a great way to kill time. A quick browse of the Google Chrome Marketplace revealed a new and noteworthy app called 247 Mahjong. The app turned out to be a simple link to their website where you can play Mahjong as long as you want with no charges, signups, or probing questions.

They’ve included a background music track that is undeniably relaxing, but can be switched off if you prefer to play in silence or to the sound of your own tunes. Sound effects are also pretty standard and don’t sound cheesy or clunky at all, especially when compared to so many other Mahjong sites out there. The sound of water splashing while you play also provides a stress reducing effect.

While it is simply Mahjong, it’s worth checking out if you have a few minutes to kill.

Link: 247 Mahjong

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