Bumbo Product Recall Reminds Us How to Stay Safe

Few products for babies have resulted in more viral videos than the Bumbo. This little chair boasts being one of the best things for a baby’s posture and development. By sitting your baby upright and preventing him/her from leaning too far forward or falling over, it is said to offer exceptional lumbar support as well as taking pressure off the joints and hips.

This is one reason the news this morning about a four-million unit recall of the Bumbo is so concerning. Could the Bumbo actually be a bit more of a hazard than previously thought?

My wife and I were talking about the Bumbo a few weeks ago when we saw one of these viral videos showing a baby doing its baby thing inside one of these big blue seats. She said, “You know those things aren’t safe, right?” That kind of took me aback. I had always assumed that they were. Many parents do, too.


Little did I realize that the Bumbo has actually been linked to over 30 skull fractures and a number of other injuries as a result of babies attempting to escape it. Indeed, the Bumbo can easily be considered a safe place to put your infant, but that doesn’t mean proper supervision isn’t required.

Bumbo Product Recall Reminds Us How to Stay SafeIn 2007, a warning labeled was added to the device letting parents know that the Bumbo isn’t supposed to be used on a raised surface. This might be a common sense thing to many parents, but it happens.

This latest voluntary recall was made to add a restraint belt to the design. This is a small change that is intended to prevent hyper infants from working their way out of the seat and onto the floor. Even a very small fall to a hard surface can result in serious injury.

If you own a Bumbo, you can get a free safety kit from Bumbo USA by visiting the official website.

Even sitting up without the Bumbo can pose a risk of injury without proper parental supervision. Humans just aren’t designed to operate very well for that first year or two of life. After that, the big risk comes at the hand of being too confident in your motor skills. As far as infants go, the job of keeping them safe is a full-time duty. Even when you’re asleep, things can happen.

It’s easy to blame the Bumbo or a parent for everything that happens. In many cases, yes preventive steps could be taken. Bottom line: things can go from safe and happy to dangerous and upsetting in a blink of the eye. My parents were super cautious with me, but even then I still had my share of bumps, scraps, and bruises during my time in a diaper.

Ultimately, the majority of potential hazards from this product and others comes down to maintaining constant supervision and staying alert to potential risks. Your child may be perfectly fine with a particular product 99% of the time, but what you’re doing to prevent complications during that extra 1% can make all the difference in the world.

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4 comments On Bumbo Product Recall Reminds Us How to Stay Safe

  • Wow. It’s hard to remember that things like this still get recalled even after SO many months in R&D and testing. You’d think a belt would’ve already been a thing!

  • If it weren’t for one of our subscribers, I wouldn’t have discovered that a wireless light switch I purchased / featured was recalled for a fire hazard. This system has to get smarter.

  • People who complain about the “Nanny State” should consider what the world would be like is we did not have watchdogs. Fewer babies die due to faulty cribs now than when I was a boy. My own life was probably saved by mandatory air bags. There is a right amount of regulation needed. The conundrum is the find the right level. This quickly gets into issues of illegal drugs, fast food, dangerous habits like riding a bike with no helmet).

  • Jeneba JJ Ghatt

    well, actually, the falls were caused by negligent parents placing the seats on ELEVATED surfaces AGAINST the warnings on the box and common SENSE! Kids who try to escape while centimeters off the ground won’t suffer SKULL Fractures. The makers are recalling against not so bright parents. The seats are still great. We’re just getting dumber as parents. jmho.

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