Could HP Bring Back the TouchPad After a Sudden Increase in Demand?

There’s no question that the price drop of the HP TouchPad quickly changed the minds of many skeptical would-be buyers of the HP TouchPad in favor of the webOS tablet. While this price drop came with the warning that the product line was being eliminated, just weeks after the initial launch, that didn’t stop eager shoppers from storming their local retailers for a chance to bring home a TouchPad. With this kind of response to a capable tablet at such a low price point, the question of whether or not HP should resurrect the TouchPad certainly comes to mind. Could HP bring back the TouchPad after a sudden increase in demand such as the one seen in the past week?

For those hopeful fans of webOS, there is a possibility that your wishes may indeed be granted. During an interview with Reuters, Personal Systems Group (PSG) head Todd Bradley hinted that a resurrection of the HP TouchPad isn’t out of the question. He went on to say, “Tablet computing is a segment of the market that’s relevant, absolutely.”

During a recent interview with CNET, an HP spokesman indicated that not only has HP not completely abandoned its webOS customers, but it’s actively looking for new ways to leverage, improve, and support the platform. Currently, a major update to webOS is expected to address various issues and expand on features presently available on the platform. In addition, HP plans to continue to offer free downloads and specials through its app store.

So, while it doesn’t seem very likely, there is a glimmer of hope for fans of webOS that the HP TouchPad could have a second act somewhere in the future — whether it’s under the primary HP banner, or under direction of a possible spinoff organization headed by its Personal Systems Group. The one big question that remains would be whether or not it would launch at the demand-driving $99 price point or something significantly higher?

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  • I guess Facebook posts from Google+ will not be ranked very high in popularity ! Facebook already “punishes” 3rd party posts by making them almost invisible to the friends’ network news feeds. My guess is they won’t welcome posts provided by the enemy 😉

  • I would love if they kept selling them, even at $199 they’d still sell like hotcakes.

  • I wouldn’;t mind either I was looking for one myself until the sales drop to $99 and was sold out. Most of the other tablets of the same kind goes for a minimum of $299 Canadian to start off with.

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