Cube is an iPod FPS with Potential


In the world of free FPS there is good and there is not so good. From Combat Arms that combines the essence of Call of Duty 4 with the system requirements of Quake 3 to this little gem made for the iPod Touch and iPhone that goes by the name “Cube”.

Cube utilizes the accelerometer to control where you face much like mouse would in a PC game. This feature is tricky to accurately control until you get a good sense of how it functions. Sensitivity is the biggest surprise when you first handle the device as the slightest shift of your hand will send your aim to the ceiling.

Combat is fairly strait forward and simple. There is an invisible touch area of the screen that fires the weapon. You aim, you shoot, you kill. It couldn’t get any easier than that.

The graphics leave much to be desired but keep in mind that this is a mobile device as thick as a holiday newspaper ad insert and as big as your palm. It isn’t going to have the processing and graphical capabilities of your notebook or desktop. Still, the frame rate is splendidly up to par and there really isn’t any lag to speak of. Did I mention this game is free?

Rating: 87 out of 100

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