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Looking for a solid FTP client without having to drop a lot of cash can be a real chore. You might find yourself going from program to program only to discover that you need a credit card to unlock that one feature you absolutely need. In addition to that, file transfer clients are often complex and confusing, especially to someone unfamiliar with FTP.

For both Windows and Mac, Cyberduck is an open source solution that works very well and includes support for WebDAV, Amazon S3, Google Storage, Windows Azure, Rackspace Cloud Files, and even Google Docs in addition to standard FTP and SFTP protocols.

Unlike many open source programs, the interface is far from clunky and can actually be pretty intuitive. All you need to do is select what kind of server you’re connecting to, enter your login and password and you’re done. Everything else is pretty much drag and drop.

If you favor a program that gives you tons of features with a more advanced interface, FileZilla is also a great open source alternative as well.

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  • One thing iOS 5 could need is the ability to ignore updates. I don’t want to update this one app, but it keeps asking and asking…

  • u can already do that its under settings

  • good article btw

  • so your telling me iOS finally has 5 features Android has had for soo long? well ill just download that ipsw beta from and jailbreak my device cause i love Apple so much *sarcasm*

  • Khalid T. AL-Assousi

    so after 4 years of dominating the market steve decided to let iDevice owners who paid $700+ to delete a music without his permission?!!!!!! thats totally unacceptable and users should buy an application from tbe market to do it.

  • Very cool!
    All of these look incredible, with the exception of number 4, which is nice to have, but nothing all that amazing.
    LED flash alerts is very clever, but the custom vibration patterns is just unbelievable!!

  • Title should be “Alternatives to US Cable Television. Netflix isn’t as good outside the US, and Hulu just isn’t available at all. iTunes outside the US doesn’t have any ABC/NBC/CBS TV shows..

  • I ditched cable tv long ago and have been happier ever since. Netflix does wonders as well as youtube and a lot of other sources.

  • Amazon has fantastic customer service!

  • My frustration in rural Michigan is that Charter is our only internet provider. I called them to cancel everything but the internet, the rep said “well it will be more expensive to have just internet, so we will give you (slow speed) but throw in the TV content.” It was an interesting conversation… they do not want people to ditch TV so they are throwing it in free while people need internet.

  • My wild guess would go either way. I’d say iTunes because it seems to work better; I’d say Amazon because you have all that credit to spend. You didn’t leave enough clues to make the answer clear. 😉

    But yeah, all those are great. If I didn’t have roommates who wanted cable/satellite, I wouldn’t have any of it. I’d use Netflix and iTunes. And stuff.

  • What about YouTube… Who cares about mainstream TV, all the really good stuff is there.

  • I love cable tv and my dvr.

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