Dicenomicon is the Best RPG Dice Roller App for the iPhone

So, you’re at your buddy’s house for your Saturday game of Dungeons & Dragons and you notice that your lucky dice are missing from your bag. Do you borrow your friend’s dice and hope they’re kind to you, or do you start looking for alternatives? Dicenomicon is one of several dice roller apps for the iPhone that gives you the flexibility to quickly roll and tally dice on the fly. In the search for the best RPG dice roller app for the iPhone, Dicenomicon is certainly proving to be a top contender.

One feature that makes Dicenomicon stand out against the competition is the ability to customize a menu of favorite rolls so frequently used equations are rolled with a tap rather than having to go through the available options each time. For example, if you’re rolling initiative, you’ve likely got a constant modifier on your character. For this example, we’ll go with +5. What Dicenomicon enables you to do is set up a favorite roll of D20 + 5, which will roll a 20-sided die for you and add 5 to the total automatically. This takes precious time out of more complex rolls such as 3D8 + 2D4 + 14 that frequently drag the game out.

What impressed me most as I initially started exploring the app is the wide range of preset die rolls available on the main screen with a single tap. You can tap a D20, D8, and a D4 and receive your combined random results in seconds. With a shake of your hand, you can reroll this combination as many times as you’d like.

Interface customization options are aplenty. You can change the UI theme, background, die colors, textures, physics, lighting, and even add custom dice to the mix through the options menu. Just about every aspect of your experience from stem to stern can be set up in the way you feel most comfortable.

Dicenomicon comes with several popular game presets, getting you started in several different platforms right away so you don’t have to spend much time customizing the options. Unfortunately, this list of preset popular rolls is limited. You can import custom sets yourself from previous installations or other users online.

Dicenomicon is even available for the iPad in this universal binary. The iPad app gives you much more space to roll with as well as a constantly present favorites list so you never have to fiddle with menus to get the roll you need to get done.

Overall, Dicenomicon is a great solution for anyone who struggles with the constant math required to play many popular table-top games. Dicenomicon is available for $4.99, so it certainly isn’t the cheapest app available for dice rolling, but when you look at just how much it does, it may be worth the asking price to you. Its speed and customizability allow you to concentrate on the experience of playing and worry less about making sure you got the totals right on that complex roll.

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