Dragon Age II: Mark of the Assassin DLC Out Now

Dragon Age II, one of the best-selling fantasy adventure games for the PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Mac has a new DLC, and this one features a familiar face. Felicia Day, the star of the hit Web-series The Guild, has loaned her voice and likeness to Dragon Age as a new party member named Tallis.

Dragon Age II: Mark of the Assassin DLC Out NowDragon Age II: Mark of the Assassin takes Hawke on a new adventure that begins as he is ambushed by a particularly powerful band of mercenaries. Tallis lends some assistance to Hawke, asking that he help her steal an ancient relic from a Duke’s estate outside of Kirkwall.

Hawke, known commonly as “The Champion,” has a history determined by the player of the primary campaign. He (or she) may be a pleasant and caring individual seeking to do right by the people he cares about, a renegade mage hiding from the law, or even a heartless and power-hungry villain opportunist.

The Dragon Age series as a whole blends the style and fighting finesse of Dungeons & Dragons with the power of the Eclipse engine, making it a highly regarded game for both casual and advanced players.

Combat in Dragon Age can be as simple as click and slay or as complex as a highly detailed strategy game. You have the ability to pause and assign various tasks to characters in your party as often as you need. On harder levels, this becomes an essential practice as enemy AI and power poses a much greater risk to your party.

An advanced choose-your-path style storyline and character customization options makes Dragon Age a great choice for players who enjoy the fantasy genre, but don’t necessarily want to play the stereotypical hero.

In addition to a new DLC, Felicia Day is starring in a six-part Web series based on the Dragon Age storyline called Dragon Age: Redemption. The first episode was released today through Machinima.com.

Mark of the Assassin is available to players at any point during the Dragon Age II campaign via a safe house once purchased at a price of $10 US or 800 Microsoft/BioWare Points.

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