Easter Eggs and Hidden Features Abound in OS X 10.7

If there is one thing Apple is known for, aside from making really artistic products, it’s adding those little touches that make its hardcore fans happy. These Easter eggs are certainly present in OS X 10.7 Lion, and some of them are pretty hard to find. (But what fun would an Easter egg hunt be if maps were handed out before the game was even afoot?)

First, if you’re a music lover with an extensive music collection, you might enjoy what Apple has done to change the iTunes Artwork screen saver in OS X Lion. First, a simple mouse movement no longer brings back your desktop. Moving your cursor over an album cover gives you the ability to play it through iTunes without turning the screen saver off. This is a great way to put your collection on display and switch between albums without having to access the desktop. When coupled with password protection, you can give guests at your party some level of control over the music without granting them access to your entire system.

Another great Easter egg came in the form of a nearly-invisible shout-out to Steve Jobs. If you choose the vinyl record user picture in the Users & Groups preference pane, you can zoom in and see that the tracks featured on the record are actually common sayings Steve Jobs makes during keynote presentations. Phrases including “magic,” “revolution,” “boom!” and “unbelievable” are listed along with the trademark Apple logo.

Photo Booth has added nine new effects that track your face automatically and make it look like a space alien, frog, chipmunk (my favorite), and more. You can even add hearts or birds that circle overhead. Not bad, Apple.

It might be said that these features may or may not qualify as “Easter eggs”. If the little nod to Steve jobs embedded in a tiny icon buried in the user profile section isn’t an Easter egg, I don’t know what is. Some of them aren’t so hidden, but I consider them extras you don’t hear about in promotional materials.

If you know of any extra features in OS X 10.7 that weren’t shouted from the rooftops by Apple, please leave a comment below and let us know.

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