Email Your Friend a Drawing with Graffiti

Do you know someone who has a birthday, anniversary, or other special event coming up? Perhaps your friend is feeling a little down and you’d just like to cheer them up?

Enter Graffiti. This handy little Flash-based Web app allows you to create a graffiti of your own and email it directly to your friend, or post the link to your social page for your followers to enjoy. Once they click the link, they are sent to a page that allows them to see your creation for themselves. If the recipient views the emailed link on a Flash-enabled browser, they can watch the entire creation process from start to finish in a speedy fashion.

Creating a custom and enjoyable greeting card, doodle, or other simple artistic piece is pretty easy with Graffiti. Unlike some more advanced painting Web apps, you won’t find a broad array of different brush styles and stroke patterns. Graffiti is simply a doodling app with a single round brush with two sliders indicating width and opacity. You can choose from any of the included colors, and add text in either Myriad Pro, Minion, Comic Sans MS, or Monotype Corsiva font styles. As much as I would personally like to see more options available, the point of Graffiti may lie in its simplicity.

Email Your Friend a Drawing with GraffitiThere are no signups required. You are asked to include your name, email address, and the email address(s) of the people to whom you’d like to send the graffiti. You can link the simple URL to people after the fact, and they’ll also see the image just fine. Participating in Graffiti hasn’t yielded any spam email yet, and the folks running the site have included a notice at the bottom of the creation page indicating that they have no intentions of doing so.

In fact, Graffiti has existed in a Facebook app capacity for some time, and the Facebook version includes three different canvas templates to choose from including basic, billboard, and a heart. You can also send your creations directly to your friend’s wall instead of having to rely on email to get the message to them.

Currently, Graffiti is one of the top Google staff picks on the Chrome Marketplace. With its simplicity and lack of hoops to jump through, that’s no surprise. If you’re looking for a way to kill a little time on a boring afternoon, or you know someone who might enjoy a custom picture made by their friend or family member, give Graffiti a try.

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