Facebook Announces MySpace… Er… Timeline

All right, Facebook has announced yet another new feature to its social network that is sure to please — well, at least the folks who miss MySpace. Timeline, a new feature of Facebook, lets you highlight certain pictures, videos, and status updates and feature them on an interactive timeline that tells your story over the years. On the surface, this has all the potential of being an incredible feature, but the look of it brings back memories of a social network that many have written off as being a ghost town.

Timeline gives you a new type of profile, allowing you create a page that has more than a few microscopic images at the top and your latest status updates to represent who you are. Facebook gives users a wide, open space to fill with a giant image that people will see as soon as they load your timeline. In addition, the old profile information is still there. It has just been arranged differently.

What makes Timeline a significant change is the Stories section, where highlighted posts, images, updates, and videos can be displayed. These stories can also include your likes, new friends, and Places. What is eerily familiar is the overall layout, which is a mishmash of different sections and updates that are intended to help introduce yourself to the world in a quick way. What’s currently being offered as an example demonstrates the timeline as a vertical line that flows through the middle of the page, with each highlighted update being a point in time added to your ongoing “story.”

Apps also play a role in Timeline, allowing you to catalog information related to your third-party apps like Netflix views, workout logs, and other activities. Instead of splitting each app and section apart, Timeline works everything together in a sectioned, yet scattered environment.

The demonstration video reveals an interactive method of browsing your timeline that sorts entries by their year and month, allowing your friends to browse through your history as your ongoing Facebook saga unfolds. With this, it certainly appears that Facebook is on to something that has all the potential of being an incredible (and touching) way of archiving your life.

Over all, Timeline could be an incredible way of connecting and sharing your life experiences with friends and family. While it does bring back memories of MySpace, we might be able to count on Facebook to steer clear of trademark interface flaws like animated GIF backgrounds and pink text.

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