Firefox 3 Reviewed

Since the first public beta, I’ve been enjoying the new look and feel of Firefox 3. The browser appears to run faster, easier, and with more reliability than before. However, with every plus there is a minus and in this case it’s my beloved live streaming. If you take Firefox 3 to CNN and click one of their live video streams, there is a fair chance that you’re going to crash the browser. This is a widely reported issue since first beta and doesn’t appear to have been solved even leading up to final release. As far as I’ve seen from several reports, it does not matter if you’re on XP or Vista when this happens.
Other than that, the browser works splendidly for everything else. It’s almost the anti-climax at the end of the best movie you’ve seen to date. You are ready to see this ending to what has, to this point, been an exhilarating film. The hero is in place, and suddenly the movie takes a sudden turn into something you neither expected nor feel fits the rest of the film.

Firefox 3 still maintains a hearty lead on Microsoft Interenet Explorer, which has improved by leaps and bounds for Vista users over the past two years. The customizability, plugins, sheer volume of hands on the project, and feeling of freedom that one gets with Firefox is second to none. When compared to the current release of Opera, I have to tip my hat to Firefox when it comes to overall usability. Opera has a few quirks about it in the way it handles rendering and though it touts being more standards compliant than other browsers, it seems to misrender sites more than other browsers.

At this point, I have to point out the efforts of Spread Firefox. The goal they have in mind is setting a world record for most software downloads in a single day, and by the numbers I’m seeing on their site, it would appear that they gave that record a run for its money if they didn’t shatter it right off. It was interesting to me to see the amount of pledges made in each country, as the numbers were very telling of where a country is technologically verses their neighboring regions.The United States held a significant 3,337,522 aside Canada’s 302,990. For fans of Borat that may not have any true idea of the technological reach in Kazakhstan, they had a handsome 3,558 pledge total.

Whatever you taste in browsers, Firefox is worth giving a try. The third version of this popular browser is quite noticeably faster, sleeker, and better suited for browsing of tomorrow. Keep in mind, however, that some sites may not have been designed with the rendering engine that Firefox 3 has chosen to work with and as such may not play nice just yet.

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