Five Awesome Weapons of Science Fiction

Five Awesome Weapons of Science FictionScience fiction has long been the genre of choice for wishful thinkers who dream of a day that we may sail through the heavens at the speed of light while meeting new life forms from all corners of the Universe. Unfortunately, not every vision of the future is a utopia of peace and tranquility. The art of weapon making has been a crucial part of human history dating back to the days when gatherers became hunters and our ancestors sharpened sticks and rocks to combat the dangerous beasts of their time (and each other).

As we look toward the future, whether it be near or distant, the brilliant minds of science fiction have made some surprisingly accurate predictions as to where the world of weaponry may well be heading.

While we might not be hopping between systems in Imperial Star Destroyers or doing battle with an ancient species on the surface of Mars, the science of weaponry has made surprising leaps forward.

Here is a list of my favorite five awesome weapons featured in the imaginative genre of science fiction.

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