Five Geeky Coffee Tables

Being a geek allows you to remain open to a world of interesting possibilities. For example, wearing a red Star Trek shirt in public may be not be a complete no-no to a geek. In fact, it’s a great way to attract other accident-prone fans of the genre to you. Well, at the very least, it could help break the ice.

So, why not let your geek flag fly and add a few interesting touches to your home that are sure to spark conversation at your next social gathering? What better way to do this than by doing away with that old (and boring) IKEA coffee table and replace it with something a bit more interesting?

Here are some geeky coffee tables that might inspire you.

Ogle Coffee Table

Five Geeky Coffee TablesSure, some folks might have a LEGO lighthouse or village scene on a shelf somewhere in their living room, but why not go all out and feature the iconic brick as a central figure in your living room?

Enter the Ogle Coffee Table by Gary Moore Furniture. Made of MDF with a polished acrylic top, this coffee table is made to order and features one big eight-peg LEGO brick.

This table is available in a non-toxic eco-friendly white, or you could opt to have it painted blue or red if that is more to your liking.

Or you could buy a whole bunch and build a new house if you’ve already got your coffee table needs under control.

Wooden Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

We found not one but two examples of this type of table out in the wild. One, originally available at Etsy, is now being raffled by and could be yours, absolutely free.

Standing 42″ x 18.25″ x 18″, this table is made from maple, mahogany, and walnut. Not only is it a fine example of an iconic gaming controller, but it’s actually a very nice example of woodcraft that any geek would be proud to have as part of their home decor.

Should you not get the free one, you can have one made to order. Alternative materials and sizes are available to suit different budgetary requirements.

Oh, and this controller actually works. Yes, you can play your favorite NES games with your coffee table. All you need to do is take the glass off, plug it in, and have fun.

Star Trek Enterprise NCC 1701-C Coffee Table

Your living room: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the USS Enterprise. Its mission: to seek out new cups and interesting reading material, and to boldly go with the couch and curtains.

This is another example of some amazing work by someone with the patience to put a month’s worth of painstaking effort into creating something truly unique. Made of ash, poplar, and cherry wood, this replica of the USS Enterprise is an incredibly accurate representation of one of the most recognizable pieces of science fiction history.

Its creator, Barry Shields, put a lot of effort into making the table both sturdy and eye-catching. This effort truly shows, and it is surely a prize to whomever picked it up.

Sure, you might not be able to travel in warp speed with it, but you sure can put your feet up in style.

Han Solo in Carbonite Coffee Table

Jabba the Hutt didn’t get to keep his prize decoration for long, but you can enjoy having the infamous Han Solo frozen in carbonite in your living room. The UK-based design studio R9 specializes in bringing science fiction to reality through sculpture and functional art.

Only 20 of these Han Solo coffee tables are being produced, so you’re almost guaranteed to be the only person on your block to have one. The cold cast aluminum, toughened glass, and machined hardware is guaranteed against pesky Jedi escape attempts, though you might have an occasional visitor in a metal bikini. Well, not really — but you should always be ready for unexpected company!

Priced at about 1,250 pounds, this isn’t the most budget-friendly coffee table in the list, but it may be the coolest.

Giant NES Controller Coffee Table

This is the second NES controller on the list, but this one warranted a little extra discussion. Not only is it shaped like the iconic NES controller, but it is a perfect giant-sized replica that actually works.

Not only did its creator explain how this combination gaming controller / storage box works, but through several blog posts, he actually describes and details each step required to build it.

While the basic design of the boxy controller sounds simple enough, this creative geek went through a lot of blisters to make possibly one of the most awesome tributes to the NES ever conceived.

I want one! Don’t you?

Surface Tension Arcade Coffee Table

All right, so this is technically the sixth coffee table in the list. Still, this one is worth reading about.

Imagine a coffee table that not only has an incredibly modern look, but allows you to play arcade games (single and multiplayer) with a built-in controller, surf the Web, listen to music, watch videos, and integrate your Sonos system into the playback. Oh, and if the built-in screen isn’t enough for you, you can output your video to the big screen via HDMI.

Yeah, I thought that might catch your attention.

The Arcane Arcade Game Table is a coffee table that features two Sanwa joystick and button sets, an illuminated trackball, arcade spinner, a 26″ LCD monitor, and a dual-core computer running Windows 7 Home Premium.

With a coffee table like this in your living room, who needs a TV?

Now don’t jump to get your credit card just yet. This UK-based product runs about 3,500 pounds, but there are cheaper models available on its site if you’re willing to part with a few features.

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