Five Geeky Model Rocket Kits

Five Geeky Model Rocket KitsModel rocketry is a hobby that has been practiced by youth for generations. Some of my fondest memories of my teenage years include building and launching model rockets with my older brother. He would build the advanced rocket, requiring some extra steps while I preferred the easier projects that came practically assembled.

These days, I can enjoy firing off model rockets with our nephew, a curious and remarkably clever 5-year-old with an active imagination and a love for science. If he isn’t running around the house in a Buzz Lightyear costume, he’s fighting evil alongside Ironman.

Model rocketry is a great hobby that allows you to legally fire rockets hundreds of feet into the air where they burst open before floating gently down to earth. It can be both a lesson in safety and in physics, giving you or your child a better understanding of how rockets are capable of traveling out of our atmosphere and into the cosmos. Discovering how varying wind and weather conditions impact the flight of your rocket, learning about angle compensation, and discovering the reasons behind the design of larger rockets can help you gain a better understanding of the science behind these technological marvels.

Model rockets come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Some are made in the image of aircraft that are actually used to pierce the heavens, while others are a bit more imaginative.

Here are five really cool geeky model rocket kits.

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  • Haven’t sent up a model rocket since 1998 (Space Academy, senior year) – thanks for reminding me of fun times!

    Eggscaliber = WANT! 🙂 (well, all of them = WANT! but I can afford that one easily…)

  • You can now buy keychain-size video cameras on eBay for less than $10, and send them up on any decent medium size model rocket (not the really small ones) and get flight videos for less than $25. But be extra careful not to launch near the evil rocket-eating trees!

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