Five Geeky Zombie Gifts Found on Etsy

When my wife’s niece celebrated her birthday this week, she received a truckload of zombie-themed gifts. This might sound like a strange genre of products to gift to someone, but when you’re a fan of zombie fiction and preparedness humor, it’s par for the course.

I decided to take a quick look at Etsy to see what the creative folks selling their wares there have come up with. After all, we’ve discussed zombie invasions and even working out using zombies as inspiration, but we haven’t actually talked about some of the cool products out there for zombie enthusiasts.

Surprisingly, some of these products were pretty cool to look at, and I could see someone I know using them in the wild.

Zombie Hand MacBook Decals

You know how Steve Jobs used to say that the back of Apple’s products look better than the front of the competition’s? Well, the growth of the MacBook decal trend has only gone to show that with a little creativity, these laptops can look even better.

When I stumbled across the Zombie Hand MacBook Decal, I couldn’t help but to stop and strongly consider hitting the buy button. The cartoonish zombie hand looks really good, and it has a certain finesse about it that is sure to bring a smile to any zombie fan’s face when they see it.

At less than $9, this is a good value. It may not protect your laptop from the elements, but it will put that glowing Apple logo to good use.

I Club Zombies Button

Buttons are one of those fashion accessories that never seems to die out. The popular sizes may change depending on the year/season/time of day but it appears that the witty button will probably be in style forever. Why not declare your zombie-hunting skills to the world through a button that combines wit with a splash of red (undoubtedly a remnant of a zombie clubbing)?

Here’s the coolest thing about this simple button, it costs less than $4. That’s a small price to pay for a warning that should deter any zombies from attempting to turn you into a midday snack.

Zombie Apocalypse Rescue Team Shirt

The zombies are approaching the gates. You’re with a group of frightened civilians in a post-apocalyptic warzone and everyone is on the brink of panic. Who do they turn to? Well, all the training in the world couldn’t give you as much immediate respect and authority as a Zombie Apocalypse Rescue Team t-shirt.

If you’re going to step up and become the hero that saves the human race from extinction, you might as well dress the part, right?

This shirt runs under $15, which is a fairly low price for t-shirts these days. It comes in three different colors and a variety of sizes so it’s sure to fit zombie hunters both small and large.

Zombie Gnome

I don’t care how many Disney movies are made about the subject. Garden gnomes are pretty boring. They might protect your home from evildoers, but they don’t do much to make your yard look particularly interesting.

Enter the Zombie Gnome. This $49 lawn ornament is sure to scare the pants off any curious canine that would dare leave unwanted droppings on your yard. It’s mean, ugly, and quite geeky. Another little known fact, these zombie gnomes are also ninjas. Yeah, they trained in the art of gnome fu.

Yeah, if I had a yard, it would be defended by zombie ninja gnomes, too.

No Zombies Messenger Bag

This is one of those products that works on so many levels. While human zombies might not be among us yet, there are plenty of computer zombies currently wreaking havoc on unsuspecting servers the world over. The No Zombies messenger bag sends a strong message that neither man nor electronics infected with the zombie virus are allowed anywhere near its contents.

After all, it’s your gear. You shouldn’t have to worry about nosy zombies poking around in your email and/or photo collection.

This messenger bag is made to carry a laptop (no size given, though the site says “any”) and costs $28, which isn’t a bad price for a messenger bag. Still, when the zombies are approaching, you should have more than a bag handy to fight them off.

Photos: Etsy

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