Fourth Generation iPad Announced by Apple

Like every other iOS device, the third generation iPad has received an update of its own to parallel the design of the newly announced iPad mini.

The fourth generation iPad is a small update that impacts the processor and sync connector, but not much else.

A new A6X processor has been placed in the iPad, giving it reportedly double the speed of the last generation in both computing and graphics performance.

In fact, it boasts dual-core computing performance with a quad-core graphics processing unit. If it really does double the performance of previous models, it could set the iPad up as an even more believable choice as a laptop replacement with the right accessories.

Battery life hasn’t taken a hit with this update. Apple claims 10 hours of battery life, which puts it at an even field with the iPad 2 and last-generation iPad.

What might be more interesting than anything is how quickly the update came to the iPad line. It wasn’t very long ago that the last generation iPad was announced. It’s now obsolete with the iPad mini inheriting much of the zing from the iPad 2 and the new iPad completely replacing the third generation one.

The addition of 4G LTE support is also a welcome change for users tired of slow 3G connections.

Pricing remains on par with the current iPad models.

  • 16 GB Wi-Fi: $499
  • 32 GB Wi-Fi: $599
  • 64 GB Wi-Fi: $699
  • 16 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular: $629
  • 32 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular: $729
  • 64 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular: $829

Will you be picking up a new iPad this holiday season? Are you upset over the quick turnaround of the last generation iPad?

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22 comments On Fourth Generation iPad Announced by Apple

  • I have a 3rd gen iPad and I am not picking up another one.

    And I am not upset, why would I be? Moore’s law at work, I’d be more upset of technology stagnated.

    • I’m glad you’re level headed. I have the 3rd Gen as well. I knew the day I bought it one day it would be replaced by Apple with a newer one. Just because it happened much faster than I thought doesn’t mean I can be upset with Apple.

      • Question is, is another one coming in March or has Apple shifted towards an October release timeframe (which probably makes more sense). Im considering getting an iPad 4 (my first), but know that if the iPad 5 comes out in March with a host of great new features I will be quite sad and angry. Im definitely not the only person who feels this way, and I think this could introduce consumer confusion which is bad for apple.

        • Yes understandable. I don’t know what they’d do either for product cycle. I would like to think they stick with yearly. They do computers every 6 months and if the iPad is a computer replacement maybe they’d adopt that cycle.

          • Hmmm. I really want an iPad, but don’t want to miss out on great new features in 5 months time, but given the incremental update I think I might be tempted to wait out, as the latest upgrade doesn’t cut it as an impulse buy for me.

          • Yes, I’m debating on an iPad mini for my Fiancée. This would justify it and I could play with it myself.

          • The mini is definately a great device as an entry level tablet, or for someone who uses it for casual use. As for myself who would like a productivity device as well as content consumption, I’m worried the mini’s screen might be a little too small for me.

        • As with any piece of technology you have to bite the bullet and one point and buy it. You should try and keep your emotions in check too, negative emotions like anger and sadness simply because a computer of yours is obsolete is an issue that you need to deal with if you want to be happy with your purchasing decisions long term.

          Try to think about it a different way, the computer you have right now is still as functional as it was when you bought it. New models will no doubt have new features, but these are hardly ever life changing.

          The vast majority of upgrades are small and arguably inconsequential improvements, the true game changers are few and far between.

          • I dont have a problem with using old hardware, I only get upset when Apple decide to make a product obsolete by discontinuing software updates. I use an iPhone 4 and have no intention to upgrade to the iPhone 5 as it perfectly meets all my needs. Once I see that new apps no longer work I will upgrade, but am happy with it as it is.

          • Forced obsolescence would annoy me too 🙂

  • Price… it’s always the price… :-p

  • I have a 3rd gen. iPad + 4G, but I think I will be getting an iPad Mini. My current iPad is one shared amongst the four in my family, so this next one would be primarily mine for school and such.

  • I don’t have an iPad. It’s not that I hate them, because I don’t, but I live in a different world for my tablets. I love my iPhone. I wouldn’t switch from iPhone to Android because I just really like iOS in my pocket. For tablets, I do more with Google. Therefore I use a Google Nexus 7. I’m constantly on Google Drive while in school, and Love using the Google Now. I live in all the worlds, but for different types of devices, I live in different worlds.
    Phone – iPhone
    Tablet – Android
    Computer – Windows 7, Mac OS X.

    Soon to be Desktop – Windows 8
    Laptop – Mac OS X.

    Thanks for these articles today Ryan. You sure do a lot of writing.

  • Gerald Falkenstein

    Now all of the nerds that waited in line for the thinner Iphone have something else to stand in line for.

    • Not sure if you got the memo, but there are more non-nerds using Apple devices… that, and most nerds buy online without waiting in line. Sorry to dismantle your unfounded attack, there.

  • Dominating the news? Last time I checked, Surface RT reviews were dominating with nothing but positivity. Chris, you’ve become nothing but a fucking Apple fancock.

  • Pissed off majorly, bought an ipad two weeks ago. The 4g doesn’t support Australian networks while the new one does.

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