Frugal Book Review: Internet Riches by Scott Fox

In a world where businesses are popping up virtually everywhere on the internet, and web 2.0 is making its mark on history as we know it, a book is bound to come along and offer the reader a step-by-step guide to striking it rich on the information super highway. Scott Fox is a top e-business consultant that has put together some stories of success along with tips that he has utilized when creating online businesses. Internet Riches is a comprehensive collection of stories from many of the net’s top entrepreneurs and their businesses including:

  • The Druge Report
  • Artshow Calendar
  • More

I decided to pick up this book as part of my Audible subscription and found that it was narrated very well, read clearly, and was easy to comprehend. Scott Fox has written this guide in such a way as to break down his strategies clearly so that anyone listening without technical know-how could understand and utilize the tips. This is a fascinating look at internet business and how making a million dollars online can be achieved by anyone.

He gives tips and advice for any type of e-business from information businesses such as blogs and news sites to product vendor sites and efficiency sites that do nothing more than make your life a little easier online by improving a process you may already be doing. While doing this, he breaks down the differences and similarities between these companies as well as how they differ in terms of strategy.

He touches on legal and financial advice, which can be a very shaky ground for any how-to writer. This advice is pretty general and I should note it does not venture too far in to specifics that would get someone in any real trouble. His advice is sound and is often backed by real-world examples of other entrepreneurs that are in the same boat.

What really caught me by surprise in this book is just how many real-world examples are given for each of his tips. For every tip or trick he throws to the reader, he comes back with about three examples of websites that utilized the strategy to achieve better results. This is a great way to back-up what might be conceived as simple and otherwise unbelievable methods.

The one major disappointment I found with this audiobook is just how long it took to get to the point. The first two hours of the book tell you what’s ahead and what to expect from later chapters, and do so in order to get the reader excited about what they are about to learn. This borders on counterproductivity however when the reader becomes so tired of hearing what they’re about to learn instead of actually learning something useful. My experience with the book might have been infinitely improved by simply skipping over the first few chapters and heading strait in to the meat of the content.

Overall, this is a comprehensive guide that is easy to follow and easy to utilize. If you have no experience starting your own business and want to build one online on a shoestring budget, then you will certainly benifit from the content in this audiobook.


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