Geek Gum: Which One is Best?

Geek Gum: Which One is Best?Chewing gum is a long-celebrated pastime of the geek. It’s a stress reliever, breath freshener, appetite suppressant, and a welcome substitute for less appealing habits like nail biting and desk tapping. If you sit at a desk all day, the benefits of having some physical activity to occupy yourself as you concentrate on what you’re working on are fairly clear.

The problem with gum as it exists today is that it’s fairly boring. Sure, flavors may vary widely and some include a gooey flavoring that makes those first few bites more interesting, but the product itself isn’t very useful beyond just being chewed.

So, what if gum was specifically designed for geeks? What would that gum include? Caffeine comes to mind, as does taurine and the vitamin B family. The benefit of receiving these energy-boosting elements through gum versus an ingested product like soda or pills is how fast these ingredients enter the bloodstream. Gum stays in your mouth, and the act of chewing it breaks it down and releases these energy-boosting ingredients into the mouth where they are quickly absorbed. That space below your tongue, for example, is often where doctors will recommend you keep a pill before swallowing it for maximum efficiency.

Here’s a look at some popular geek gum choices.


PWN Gum is largely promoted to the gamer demographic. It contains 55 mg of caffeine, 34.5 mg of taurine, and plenty of vitamin B3, B5, and B6. With slightly less caffeine than a cup of instant coffee, it’s sure to give you a bit of a boost.

I decided to give PWN Gum a try over the weekend during a six-hour Guild Wars 2 marathon. With one piece, I noticed a slight boost in my energy levels in general. I’m no stranger to the 2:00 p.m. slump which hits me almost every day, and I was surprised to find that my energy levels remained even after popping a second piece four hours into gameplay.

PWN Gum doesn’t give you super powers, but it is promoted as a focus-enhancing product that can help you overcome focus loss after hours of playing. It did this for me without any outside stimulants.

PWN Gum tastes pretty good. It has a sweetness to it that offsets the typically harsh mint flavor that mainstream gum products hit you with. Flavor lasted for quite a while, and I had no trouble chewing it for over an hour. It wouldn’t be my gum of choice if I were simply looking for a breath freshener at the check-out lane, but it does exactly what it advertises without the strange aftertaste often associated with vitamin products.

Jolt Energy Gum

Few companies have as long of a history with keeping college students up overnight as Jolt. Jolt Cola got me through an overnight shift doing security in my early 20s, and may well have been responsible for keeping me up and active through more than a few LAN parties.

I was extremely happy to see a pack of Jolt Energy Gum in a recent Loot Crate. Like PWN Gum, Jolt Energy Gum boasts faster delivery of energy by way of oral absorption. Two pieces of Jolt Gum deliver the equivalent amount of energy as one energy drink. This is a tall order for a couple of pieces of gum.

I decided to give it a try Sunday during another gaming session, so I could accurately compare it to PWN Gum in a similar situation. Popping two pieces of Jolt Gum, I almost immediately starting getting those familiar jitters I know all too well. The energy boost lasted for a few hours, and during that time I found myself distracted much easier than before. It might have been the result of fatigue from the game, but heavy energy stimulants tend to do that to me. It’s kind of like a caffeine-induced case of ADHD.

Jolt contains caffeine, ginseng, and guarana. These three energy-stimulating ingredients are hallmarks in almost every Jolt product. Two pieces of Jolt gum are the equivalent of one cup of instant coffee. To me, that means you’ll go through the pack twice as quickly as PWN gum, which has almost a cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine in each individual piece.

The flavor isn’t terribly impressive. I noticed a strong aftertaste that wasn’t exactly Icymint (the flavor of the pack I received). It isn’t unpleasant at all, and the minty flavor does come through at the front and middle of the chewing experience. It isn’t until the flavor diminishes (5-10 minutes into chewing) that I started to notice a bit of a vitamin flavor.

Jolt Vs. PWN

Would I recommend either Jolt or PWN Gum to a friend?

Absolutely I would, especially if that friend needed to stay awake and alert for a few hours. The edge I received from two pieces of Jolt Gum was significantly more powerful than that of PWN Gum, though PWN Gum kept me a bit more alert for a longer period of time.

If I had to pick between the two for flavor and buzz, I’d personally go with PWN Gum if only because I’m a bit too old to really appreciate the 0-100 jumpstart Jolt delivered. I like an energy boost that gets the job done and remains constant without a significant drop at the end. Jolt was good, but PWN was a little better.

Geeky Flavors

If you love geeky flavors, but don’t care much for extreme boosts of energy, there are some alternatives out there designed with the geek palate in mind.

One of these options is available on ThinkGeek, and it tastes just like bacon. Bacon Gumballs are little, red, and delicious. You get 22 gumballs per tin, and each one is packed with bacony goodness.

If you’re feeling brave, you could also give the Wasabi Gumballs a try.

What about you? What is your favorite energy-boosting and/or geeky gum? Is there a flavor that you like above all others?

Photo: Ryan M. Pierson

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  • Third article down few more to go to win that gift card

    • Not to put a damper on your party, but I’m pretty sure your comments have to be substantive, in that they relate to the post you’re supposed to be commenting on in some way shape or form. Either way, good luck. :-/

  • Am I the only one who doesn’t feel the effects of caffeine? It might only be me but coffee, energy drinks, etc. never really helped me. My biology courses tell me otherwise. Maybe I get a physical change, but not a mental one.

  • I’ve actually had Jolt gum before, and it doesn’t taste that bad. I personally like to chew two pieces at once; and trust me, they pack a kick. Given the option, I’d rather drink the soda than chew the gum, though. :-/

  • I would prefer Jolt Energy Gum but I love Bazooka Gum.

  • Amazon card..the geeky flavor would be my thing lol

  • Any gum is good to me! Though I prefer Stride. But personally never had those before. Maybe a Monster Gum will come out!!! 😀

  • mmm wasabi gumballs sound good! but dangerous…

  • I chew gum but neither of those brands. I heard of Jolt though. I was gonna try it. I should if I see it.

  • I have posted on every article now for card mainly a shoutout! But geeks can chew bubble gum all they want it is the geeky thing to do! It used to be the most popular thing geeks did in the past but now it’s tech.

  • I heard of jolt before, but my friend said it doesn’t do anything but taste different. I think since caffeine doesn’t do much for me [when my grandmother visits we normally drink a few cups of coffee before going to bed] I doubt gum will do much. Though as a gum and ignoring the energy part I will give it a shot.

  • I usually go for a teeth whitening, calcium gum or something so I’ll be occupied and keeping my teeth nice at the same time. I don’t usually need the caffeine as I am not at my desk for many hours. But then again I do have a flexible time table and a relaxed schedule so I don’t have the pressure to stay working for 12 hours like my dad.

  • i really enjoyed chewing gum, but being a guy with braces its really not much of a tangible idea to chew gum, especially since they strictly forbid it.

  • hey we dont have these brands in india :D, but i like doublemint, center fresh and all thats minty

  • All Gum is great in my eyes, The Geeky flavors sound great!! Anything to occupy myself as I work. 🙂

  • Here’s a good one for you. You know what “real” taurine is don’t you? Bull semen! Look it up. Ahahahahaha

    • Yeah that one is not for me!! 🙂 Nice one!!

      • Makes you think twice about drinking a Red Bull now doesn’t it? (Pun intended) Although, the taurine used in Red Bull and most other things now is a synthetic concoction to replicate the real thing. It’s hard to find enough bulls for 50 million gallons a year. LOL

  • Hello, i have been watching your video everyday since october 2009 and as always, they’re all entertaining. I always ignore all hater comments and always try to defend you and diana when i can. Thanks for all the entertaining videos and keep it up.

  • Mmmmmmm! Jolt gum is fantastic. I like every kind of gum but geek gum is certainly the best!

  • Yes i am feeling brave by watching Chris Pirillo Geek out and Vlogs everyday. So why not give a try to Wasabi Gumballs.

  • Do you know there is one gum called “Eclipse”.. to be in context… and one called “BAZOOKA”!!!

  • In my country we do not have this things 🙁 (at least i thing so), if someone knows where I can buy this things in Croatia please drop a comment.

  • I try to stay away from sugary gum

  • I never thought about geek gum. I suppose geeks do chew gum a lot. I also found out that gum has caffein. I didn’t really think about gum had the ability to keep you awake!

  • cinnamon gum is just enough of a jolt for me

  • I dont believe in energy drinks or gum

  • 5 “Cobalt” Gum is actually the perfect combination of “kick” and “pick-me-up” without the bad effects of caffeine on your system from either PWN Gum or Jolt Gum, without sugar liquers and other nasty ingridients. For an extra “smack-in-the-face”, toss it in the freezer for about 30min before using. WOWZA!!

  • I would definitely go with PWN, because I mean come on its less caffeine than a coffe. I mean coffee is great but come on. Love the Geek Outs Chris! Thanks.

  • More than two decades of research and consumer outreach have driven chewing-gum’s leadership in oral care with consumers and within the professional and scientific community. In fact, according to some of that research, chewing sugar-free gum for 20 minutes after eating or drinking can help protect your teeth. Because of studies like this, more and more consumers and dental professionals around the world are remembering to “Eat.Drink.Chew.” to help practice good oral health, especially when on-the-go.

  • It needs nutrition especially vitamin D…we don’t get much sun 🙂

  • None of them are very effective. You can get a bottle of caffeine pills for the price of two packs of any of these and it’s much more effective..

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