Geeky Coaster Holiday Gift Ideas

Does your coffee table sport the coasters with the mostest, or are you content to set damp glassware directly on the furniture without care of consequence? Maybe you think a crumpled napkin left over from the Chinese takeout last night is sufficient protection against the ravages of casual beverage consumption, but do you really feel good about it? If you or the geeks in your life are tired of living with the shame of ring-laden surfaces and makeshift moisture remedies, here are some great coaster ideas that should keep your coffee table — or the coffee tables of your loved ones over the holiday season — looking geekishly stylish and dampness free!

Official Pac-Man Set of Four Silicone Coasters

Official Pac-Man Set of Four Silicone CoastersDo you enjoy a rousing round of ’80s arcade classic Pac-Man? Who doesn’t? I’ll tell you who: sad, bitter folks who dislike anything good in this world.

If you are one of the sane individuals who respects the yellow guy’s unnaturally big appetite and seemingly fearless heroics, then you’ll love adding these Pac-Man Coasters to your coffee table. Not only can Pac-Man (and his ghost buddies) entertain you for hours on end, but they can also protect your coffee table from the elements.

Here’s the cool part: they’re not even expensive. This puts them in impulse gift range for anyone with a geeky friend that has a problem with water rings.

Get your own Official Pac-Man Set of Four Silicone Coasters here!

Set of Four Harry Potter Inspired Houses of Hogwarts Coasters

Harry Potter Inspired Houses of Hogwarts CoastersAre you more of a Slytherin or Ravenclaw type of person? You can pick your coaster of choice to rest your drink on, so long as you understand that your actions may result in points being added or removed from your house. Perhaps the very container you place on one of these Hogwarts-inspired coasters could be considered the House Cup.

Either way, these Harry Potter Inspired Houses of Hogwarts Coasters are really cool. Their design doesn’t pop out or draw any attention away from the rest of the room, but they do have a certain conversation-starting element to them that many people only wish they had in their living room.

Each coaster represents a house from the Hogwarts School of Wizardry, and the entire set of Harry Potter Inspired Houses of Hogwarts Coasters can be found here.

Set of Four Battlestar Galactica Coasters

Battlestar Galactica Coaster SetIt would be very difficult for a Battlestar Galactica fan to deny the cool factor that this Set of Four Battlestar Galactica Coasters delivers. Not only are they really elegant looking, but they are an almost exact replica of the plaque that hung in the Galactica’s CIC.

The outside of this coaster is a combination of a scratch-resistant glass and a man-made material called polystone. Even if you aren’t a fan of the series, these are certainly one of the more aesthetically pleasing geek home accessories out there.

At almost $40, this set is no impulse buy, but it could make a Battlestar Galactica fan very happy. Get your own Set of Four Battlestar Galactica Coasters here.

Set of Four Star Trek Coasters

There should be an image here!What would a list of geeky items be without at least a small mention of Star Trek? Yes, Star Wars fans are probably going to be upset that memorabilia related in some way to Yoda or Darth Vader aren’t making an appearance, but today is Star Trek’s day to shine.

This Set of Four Star Trek Coasters is made out of some mysterious element from an M class planet located deep inside the neutral zone (or it could be glass). Klingons, not known for their table manners, have been spotted using these coasters at fancy parties hosted by only slightly uncomfortable Starfleet officers.

This Set of Four Star Trek Coasters can be found here for much less than your life savings of gold-pressed latinum. It’s so inexpensive, in fact, that it could make a perfect white elephant gift at your company holiday party.

Meninos Chat Coasters

Meninos Chat CoastersMeninos makes some really crazy things that appeal to geeks of all interests. In fact, Chris Pirillo has a set of Mininos coasters sitting in his living room. In this article, we’re focusing on coasters that start conversations, so what better way to round out the list than by a set of coasters made with common chat phrases in mind?

These Meninos Chat Coasters come in a set that includes such popular phrases as LOL, Fail, OMG, and — everyone’s favorite — WTF.

They’re washable, rubberized (to prevent slippage), and incredibly fun. Why not have something on your coffee table that tells your guests what you’re really thinking? Get your own set of Meninos Chat Coasters here!

Do any of these ideas strike your fancy, or would you go another way for your coaster needs? Let us know how you would (or do) keep your coffee table safe from the soaks in style in the comments below!

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