Geeky Jewelry Holiday Gift Guide

Expressing your geeky side in public can be a great way to meet new people with similar interests and share some of your passions with the world through fashion. Unfortunately, not every employer allows their staff to wear witty t-shirts or hoodies, and this expression is forced to exist on a smaller scale.

Enter the world of geeky jewelry. If you have a special geek in your life who happens to enjoy donning jewelry that sits outside the boundaries of normality, the jewelry options listed below might be worth considering. After all, isn’t a gift that appeals to the person’s interests better than just any old-fashioned ring, pendant, or bracelet?

My wife and I have teamed up to bring you these fun geeky jewelry gift ideas. Enjoy them for yourself or when you’re considering gifts for your geeky friends and family this holiday season.

LEGO Cufflinks

LEGO CufflinksLEGO Cufflinks are a great way to address and express your love of bricks, even when donning more formal attire. These particular ones come in red, though you can find them in virtually any of the main LEGO brick colors.

Whether you’re dressing fancy for a wedding or you happen to work at one of those old-fashioned jobs that require a suit and tie, you can still express yourself freely with these fashionable accessories.

Get your own LEGO Cufflinks here!

LED Iron Samurai Wristwatch

LED Iron Samurai WristwatchJust because a watch doesn’t display the time in binary or measure the barometric pressure of a given environment doesn’t mean it can’t be geeky. This watch in particular looks like a grungy chic bracelet, but in the gaps of the bands sit a series of LEDs that tell you the time.

There are some downsides to this particular type of watch. While they are quite inexpensive, they most certainly aren’t waterproof. You’ll find that the stainless steel holds up about as well as any budget watch out there, but if you get the watch face anywhere near water, you’re probably just going to be left with a glorified watch band.

Still, it’s cheap enough to make for an interesting gift to give your friend, or at the very least a geeky white elephant.

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Star Wars Imperial Symbol Cufflinks

Star Wars Imperial Symbol CufflinksYes, even in formal wear, you can show your support for the Empire without donning a cumbersome Stormtrooper helmet. All you need is a pair of these Star Wars Imperial Symbol Cufflinks that feature the well-known Empire logo.

To the non-geek, these cufflinks appear to be simple accessories with an interesting design. To a fellow geek, it’s a symbol that you are indeed a follower of the Dark Side, and not to be trifled with.

Because they’re simple looking cufflinks, you shouldn’t have any trouble wearing them to a formal event such as a wedding or prom. Just be careful, though; you might come across a member of the Rebellion or, even worse, a Jedi.

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Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin

Hunger Games Mockingjay PinThis simple pin is a fairly good replica of the one worn by Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games. The mockingjay serves as a symbol of hope and rebellion throughout the series, and has quickly become one of the most recognizable aspects of the books as well as the movie.

This pin is a great way to express your love of the series without wearing an obvious t-shirt. The pin itself is small enough to fit on just about anything, including a backpack strap or under the collar of a jacket.

Granted, the Hunger Games series isn’t for everyone, but it would be difficult to create a list of geeky accessories without at least mentioning this iconic symbol.

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Avengers Iron Man MAGTITAN NEO LEGEND Power Band

Avengers Iron Man MAGTITAN NEO LEGEND Power BandTony Stark isn’t just your average billionaire, genius, and philanthropist. He also happens to be the inventor and pilot of one of the most incredible suits ever invented. In the recent Avengers movie, you see one of his more recent creations, the MAGTITAN NEO LEGEND Power Band, which use uses to call forth his latest Iron Man suit while falling from his suite atop Stark Tower.

This is actually a pretty cool accessory on its own. It’s made out of titanium and stainless steel blended in a way that delivers both durability and comfort. Two magnets offer that “power band” functionality that apparently puts your body in perfect harmony with life, love, and the universe.

Either way, it’s cool and you can actually own it. To geeks, you’ll be donning a recognizable symbol of one of the coolest super heroes in the Marvel Universe. To everyone else, it’s just a nice-looking power band.

Get your own Avengers Iron Man MAGTITAN NEO LEGEND Power Band here!

Recycled Hard Drive Spindle Pendant

Recycled Hard Drive Spindle PendantFinding new uses for old hardware is part of the joys of being a geek. Whether you’re giving a second life to your old PC as a home server or tearing apart broken gadgets in search of reusable components, being a geek is more than just using the latest and greatest gadgets. It’s getting the most from your hardware from the day you get it until you can’t possibly use it anymore.

Etsy is a great place to find geeky jewelry made from older computer components. While the spindle drive itself isn’t quite obsolete just yet, you can take advantage of one artist’s creations and pick up one of these excellent hard drive spindle pendants made out of real hard drive components.

Surprisingly, the pendant looks pretty good and can be worn by men or women to express their geeky side with a fashionable item that only other geeks would recognize in the wild.

Get your own Recycled Hard Drive Spindle Pendant here!

Dungeons & Dragons D20 Necklace

Dungeons & Dragons D20 NecklaceHave you ever been to a Dungeons & Dragons game only to find out that your D20 has run out of luck? Yes, it may sound silly, but any dedicated gamer will tell you that dice do, indeed, carry a limited supply of luck courtesy of the manufacturer. The only way to replenish this luck is to have an interesting story or two to go with the 20-sided wonder.

Enter this Dungeons & Dragons D20 Necklace found on Etsy. As you go around town wearing this cool-looking pendant, colorful stories of your travels charge the 20-sided die. This luck can then be transferred to your gaming dice for optimal rolls.

Well, that’s not really how it works, but it’s pretty fun to think of it that way, right?

Get your own Dungeons & Dragons D20 Necklace here!

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