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The web is full of resources for table-top game players and dungeon masters. Some of them are fairly pricey, while others can be found absolutely free. Unfortunately, free tools are too often buried on someone’s personal blog and not so much pushed to the forefront of corporate websites. Games such as D&D are big business and can become quite expensive for the player.

One area where you can easily find yourself spending cash as a dungeon master is in planning the maps for your dungeons. Building a map for every mission and quest is tedious work some folks don’t often have a lot of time for. You have to come up with a design that varies greatly from the ones you’ve put together before, and a predictable dungeon can quickly make a fun gaming experience turn dull.

This is one reason why the companies that make these games often come out with pre-generated quests DMs can run with their adventurous players. These booklets are fairly thin, and contain just enough information for the quest at hand. Characters, maps, a basic storyline, and some helpful visual references can be found within its pages. Unfortunately, buying one of these every so often can be a real burdon on the pocketbook.

Thankfully, you can find tons of pre-made maps online through resources like Dungeon Mastering and Wizards of the Coast. These maps are set and ready for you to build your adventure around.

For those that like a little customization to their adventures, there are more than a handfull of free generators out there for your enjoyment. Whether you like a boxy style, or something that looks more like it’s hand drawn, there is something out there for you. Here is a list of free random dungeon generators:

Gozzy’s Random Dungeon Map Creator – A basic generator with two different versions available depending on your needs.

donjon d20 Random Dungeon Generator – A robust tool with many different options. It generates pretty much everything you need to get up and running from the map to the monsters within. It even gives you separate versions of the map for you, your players, and printing.

Myth Weavers Dungeon Generator – This generator gives you a map plus a set of conditions and loot for each room. It does pretty much everything for you except add the creatures.

Wizards of the Coast Random Dungeon Generator – Perhaps one of the most full-featured tools available; it generates everything from the map to the creatures inside. You can even pick a resource to pull the monsters from.

Dizzy Dragon Games Adventure Generator – This tool creates an entire adventure for you and populates a robust map. There are less customization options than some of the others, but it does give you pretty much everything you need if you’re in a hurry.

Risus Monkey’s Random Map – This is just a random map, generated on the fly. There are no customization options at all. You can reload the page until something comes up you like.

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