Handmade Firefly Replicas and Accessories Available on Etsy

Etsy is a great place to find handcrafted goods made by artists and artisans alike. These products range from the practical to the clever and all points in-between. It has quickly become my favorite place to find original art and products made by people with a passion for what they do.

Etsy is considered by many to be the crafter’s alternative to eBay, and it has certainly made a mark on the creative world as a safe haven for people who don’t want to have their original creations mixed in with mass-produced products pushed heavily on sites like Amazon or eBay.

You can usually find original work by talented makers at very reasonable prices here. There are a few expensive items here and there, but for the most part, the prices I’ve seen on Etsy are more than fair for what you get.


Serenity Warm Flannel Scarf

Want to stay warm in style? To the average viewer, this is simply a fashionable flannel scarf with the Japanese Kanji for Serenity stamped prominently on the front. To your fellow Firefly fan, it’s a sign of loyalty to a show that wasn’t allowed to survive past a single season.

This scarf is a welcome addition to any Browncoat’s wardrobe, whether they’d readily admit it or not.

Jayne Hat

Jayne Cobb’s mother loved him dearly, and his knit hat became a symbol for fans of the series. What was originally intended to be a joke based on what is obviously one of the more unfashionable pieces ever to come out of the show’s wardrobe department has become a trend among geeks that has survived well past Firefly‘s cancellation date.

This knit cap can be picked up for less than $25. That’s a bargain considering the hand knitting that goes into each piece. Want something custom-made? Just contact the seller and it can be done. It’s just another reason I love Etsy.

Malcolm Reynold’s Pistol

Malcolm Reynold’s pistol is the very definition of the show. It’s a combination of the type of pistol you might expect from an old western with a little of the rustic science fiction flare that comes with dashing across the galaxy board the Serenity.

This particular replica comes from the modified design made for the Serenity movie, however, the one featured in the TV series can be produced by the artist by request.

Here’s the rub. You’re paying a fair price for what is essentially a custom replica made out of PVC, MDF, and styrene. That price is $300, but you do get what you pay for. This pistol is a must-have for anyone involved in Firefly cosplay or any serious prop replica collector. Adam Savage, anyone?

Etched Brass and Copper Serenity Symbol

Though I am a guy, I do appreciate the subtle touches many of Etsy’s best jewelers put on their themed products. This particular pendant dons the Japanese Kanji for Serenity (a symbol used in the show for the ship) and has the same brass styling found on the show. Adding this piece to your Firefly costume is sure to give a more authentic feel to whatever it is you’re wearing and offer a subtle nod to the series should you decide to don it with your daily attire.

Do you know of any Firefly replicas or accessories on Etsy that we should add to this list? Please leave a comment below and let us know.

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