Having Trouble Calming a Newborn? There’s an App for That

New parents are often hit with the reality that calming a newborn isn’t always easy. Rocking, cuddling, patting, holding, changing, feeding, and even singing doesn’t always work. What if there was an app that recreated sounds a baby hears inside the womb? A couple in Cedar Park, TX did just that with amazing results.

Baby Shusher is an app made for the iOS (Android coming soon) that plays a shushing sound very similar to the one a baby would hear inside the womb as their mother breathes. The noises of the real world are incredibly different and often stressful for a newborn to feel comfortable in, which can cause nighttime fussiness.

This app isn’t intended to replace the parent, and it is only effective for the first four months of childhood. There is a concern among some that an app like this can become a crutch for new parents, replacing the need to check their newborns to see if there is something else causing the fuss. Still, this app can be an interesting tool in the parental toolbox, and if there is one thing geeks love it’s having many tools for the job.

The app is available for $4.99 in the App Store and has become an instant hit in the Austin area. While the app isn’t free, imagine what it could save you in coffee the next morning.

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