How to Connect Your Lose It! Account to Fitbit

Lose It! is one of the most popular smartphone apps out there for folks who want to lose weight by tracking their calorie intake and activity. Unfortunately, Lose It! doesn’t come with a gadget that makes activity tracking particularly easy. This is where Fitbit comes in.

Fitbit itself has a few minor drawbacks such as not being able to sync by way of your smartphone. You have to be within fifteen feet of a base station to sync your progress. In addition, the Fitbit mobile app is a bit sluggish and not quite as comprehensive as I would like. For example, there is no barcode scanner currently on the Fitbit app to allow me to easily add foods and beverages I consume throughout my day.

Lose It!, on the other hand, has one of the most robust food databases in the industry. By combining these two services and syncing your activity to Lose It! and foods to Fitbit, you can get the best of both worlds.

Here’s how you get it done.

  • Log in to
  • In another tab, log in to
  • Click Settings in the orange navigation bar.
  • Go to Connected Devices under the My Settings area in the sidebar.
  • Click Connect Device and select Fitbit.
  • In the new tab, select Allow to grant access to your Fitbit account to Lose It!
  • Check your email for a confirmation message from Lose It! You should get a badge for connecting your Fitbit to the service.

Once your accounts are synced, you should start seeing steps and activities from your Fitbit account impact the recommended calorie intake on the Lose It! app. Likewise, your food logged with Lose It! should appear in your foot logs on Fitbit. In essence, you’re taking the strongest components of each service and putting it to work for you.

There are some aspects of the services that don’t sync. For example, weight tracking is still done in a per-service basis. You’ll want to update them both as your nutritional goals in Lose It! and activity goals in Fitbit both depend on accurate weight.

Lose It! isn’t the only service you can attach to your Fitbit account, either. You can also attach your MyFitnessPal, Microsoft HealthVault, Digifit, and several other apps that can help you along the way.

This won’t necessarily guarantee a victory over your weight loss goals. You still need to remember to log everything and keep a close eye on your limits. All the technology in the world can’t help you lose weight naturally. It take determination, patience, and perseverance. Still, a little technology doesn’t hurt.

3 comments On How to Connect Your Lose It! Account to Fitbit

  • I have been using LoseIt since February and I love it, Lets me track everything and if I want to eat out I can, if I don’t know the calories for something I make it at home with standard ingredients and enter it as a food. The accountability with my friends is great too that way if I stumble they call or txt and let me know to keep at it. I started @ 275 and weighted in this morning @ 215. Keep after it Ryan.

  • Unfortunately this software is not available outside of US/Canada 🙁

  • I just got my Fitbit today. I synced the accounts by the information is only going one way. How do I get the information I put into Lose It! to go into my Fitbit app?

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