How Do Waveguide Speakers Work?

Chances are, you’ve probably seen or heard a speaker that utilizes Waveguide technology to produce full sound from a relatively small space. For example, Bose uses Waveguide technology in many of its sound systems in order to fill a room with audio with a wide range of frequencies from a relatively small speaker.

Waveguide speakers handle audio differently than most other speakers. By guiding sound waves rather than generating and sending them out to the world more directly, designers are able to maximize the efficiency of their design an make a speaker sound louder and more powerful than it otherwise would.

How do Waveguide Speakers Work?If you think of a sound wave as a sphere that grows as the sound travels from its source to various other points in the room, the sound itself loses power in all directions as it travels. Using Waveguide technology, a speaker can generate a wider range of tones by maximizing the efficiency of the speaker.

As sound travels through the waveguide, it builds and amplifies the volume of the signal. This is similar to how an old phonograph player worked. A large funnel allowed sound to travel from a relatively tiny source into a larger room, making it sound louder and more vibrant. Waveguide speakers themselves don’t usually work well with sounds that thump and bump (deep bass) or have exceptionally higher pitch, but they do recreate great mid range tones that make audio appear warmer and richer.

Over all, these speakers don’t necessarily work better or worse than traditional speakers. They utilize different principles to deliver sound to the listener, and this technology has its pros and cons. Like any audio technology, the value of it lies in the ears of the listener, and everyone has their own preference.

What is your favorite type of speaker? Do you have a Waveguide system at home, or do you prefer more standard methods of filling a room with sound?

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