How Much Influence Does Technology Have Over the World?

How Much Influence Does Technology Have Over the World?Gnomie Jordan asks:

How will the future of technology change the world as we know it?

It would be hard to deny that technology has a strong influence on how people communicate, travel, and go about their daily lives. Social media could very well be attributed to having a catalytic role in the reshaping of the political atmosphere around the world.

Revolutionary moves for freedom are taking place in the Middle East as people begin to communicate with each other on a much larger level, politicians around the globe are beginning to learn the benefits of connecting with their people through social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, and news is spreading faster than ever as people begin receiving immediate updates from a much larger grid of information sources simultaneously.

Drug cartels in Mexico are beginning to feel the pressure as more active and informed communities put a spotlight on their clandestine activities. They’ve decided to take a retaliatory role to fight dissemination of information that could put their dealings at risk by lashing out at bloggers and social media users who speak out against them.

The advancement of technology is accelerating constantly. To say that we will be less susceptible to the same diseases, long-term ailments, and other physical disorders as we are today just years from now would be well within reason. Medical technology today is light years ahead of where it was just a decade ago. It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that these advancements will continue to have a positive impact on the average life span as well as quality of life for seniors. In addition, medical resources being made available to developing countries could be manufactured more cheaply and designed to travel through harsh environments, possibly even running from alternative energy sources.

Over all, the best way to gauge how technology will shape the world in the future is by looking back to the past. 50 years ago, there were only a handful of organizations that had the power to distribute information across a country, and even less that had an international audience. Today, grabbing a sizable international audience’s attention can be a simple matter of uploading a video to YouTube or sending out a tweet. Technology will do doubt help shape the world of the future just as it has since the dawn of man. How will it take shape? I leave that question to you.

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