How to Change Your Apple ID (and Why)

I’ve had a somewhat well-documented history with my Apple account as far as security is involved. An incident that took place last year resulted in almost $500 being taken out of my bank accounts, a month of spontaneous account lockouts, and some media attention as the problem I faced with account spoofing turned out to be a bit more common than previously anticipated.

It’s for this reason that I’ve decided to not only change my Apple account’s password, but also the Apple ID used to log in as well. After all, if someone is going to spoof me, let’s not make it as easy as stumbling across my name at

Perhaps you’re reading this because your currently-associated email address will no longer be in use and you’d like to switch everything over to your new address. You may have a username-style Apple ID and just want to change things up. Either way, changing your Apple ID is possible, and it can be done fairly easily.

Here’s how:

  • Go to My Apple ID.
  • Select Manage Your Apple ID on the right side of the page.
  • Sign in using your current Apple ID and password.

Here, you may find one of two situations. If your Apple ID is an email address (most likely for non-developer or legacy .Mac accounts) then you can select Edit next to your email address to change your email associated with your Apple account and ultimately your Apple ID.

If you have a non-email Apple ID which looks more like a standard username then you’ll want to select Edit next to that login name. You can combine the two and make your Apple ID match your email address by using the form at the bottom of the page.

Why You Might Not Want an Apple ID and a Separate Email Address

Chris Pirillo brought an issue to light for me concerning how Apple handled Apple IDs that have a username separate from the email address. You may be able to log in with either your user name or email address, but Apple treats these two logins differently (even though they share the same password). This could be an issue for you as a user down the line should your iTunes and Mac property list grows.

Just to be safe, if you log in using an email address for some things and your existing user name for others, you may want to contact customer service to make sure the merge doesn’t cause an accidental loss of licenses.

Having these combined also makes remembering your Apple ID a bit easier. With dozens (or hundreds) of individual logins being required by just about every site and service we use these days, having two different points of information for one company (Apple) just makes life a little more difficult. Why not combine the two?

22 comments On How to Change Your Apple ID (and Why)

  • Wow Apple really have to step it up

  • Anakin Mignone

    Wow nice

  • I’m gonna change my i.d!

  • It seems to me that Apple needs to consider making their e-commerce more user-friendly, not mentioning Apples ample security flaws that seem to appear spontaneously.

    Better security measures need to be taken for on-line transactions, as anyone can pose as another person and steal content; it is disturbing that a company as successful as Apple is doing so badly in their on-line security. . .

  • Not going to be changing mine because it’s only for my email and nothing else, but it’s good to know that the possibiliy is there for the future if it’s ever needed if I start to use it for something else, like banking.

  • Joshua Weatherill

    I find that Changing your apple ID settings is very easy as you can change anything as there is no limitations. You can change your email address, country etc. so no matter how your personal details change you can keep your original apple ID.

  • I don’t understand why they make things like this so difficult. I remember I wanted to start over Angry Birds, but Game Center synced over my achievements from before and it was really wonky. I wanted a clean slate and the only way to do it was to make an entirely new account. After you would change accounts, Apple actually recommends that you change all of your info on the old account to garbage text, instead of just making it possible to delete the game center data. Annoying.

  • I think its smart to keep it changed because there is alot of personal info you put in there!

  • Well the email I use for my apple ID is only used for that. As my other posts say, using Keepass I feel safe with my current Apple ID and Password. Though I am very happy knowing I can change it for whatever reason. When it comes down to anything, having more choices is always better.

  • I had no idea that this was even possible. I only that that the Apple password was changeable. However I am satisfied with my Apple id. Glad to know though. I think Apple might be the only company that lets you change your id. Wish other companies would allow that.

  • Thanks, I haven’t used my apple account in ages now, as i don’t really go on it anymore.

  • Wow, I had no idea you could do this. Luckily (knock on wood), no one has got into my account. I’m sorry that you lost $500 from someone getting into your account. $500 is a lot of money.

  • I didn’t know you can do this, well it’s nice to know in case I ever need to change my Apple ID. For the most part, I really don’t mind it being my email address because I have a pretty strong password.

  • Thanks for the tutorial, I had to make a seperate e-mail addres for my Apple ID because it doesn’t accepted my e-mail, but now I have another e-mail adress 🙂

  • in my opinion apple should make it easy first to create an account without a credit card, i live in india and normally here we do not use credit cards due to bank frauds, i cant even get thru the registration without entering credit card details and i dont want to give my credit card info.

  • intresting all of my family use one account and for ages the account has been the same, might be nice for a change 😀

  • Gee, you mean that Apple DOESN’T make secure, hacker-proof software? The ghost of Steve Jobs is gonna get you for your heresy. Facepalm

  • I have changed my apple id a few times. Because i was helping people with their iproducts and i sometmes forget to sign out and they usually try to figure out me password and try a few times and then my account is locked and. Have to change it, thats what you get for helping people lol 😉

  • It is nice to know that this is possible, thank you for the great tutorial. For Apple mail I use a .me account and I actually use a separate apple id for buying things itunes an old .mac account. I think that plus strong passwords keeps me as secure as possible.

  • I genuinely did not know this. Hey that’s some of my learning for today.

  • thank you for suggesting this tip!!!

  • Mikael Sandgren

    It’s not possible to change an apple ID that’s in the form of an Apple user ID (e.g. If you log in with one of those & click “manage”, there’s no edit button next to it! It’s been this way for years, so I was really excited when I read your post, which unfortunately is only half-true.

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