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An email was sent in posing the simple question, “How do you convert video from one type to another?” While video formatting includes numerous variables, the most common format change is the file container and codec.

One of the trickiest things to understand about digital video is how encoding and formatting actually works. While one format may play very well on your desktop computer; your iPod, mobile phone, and media center may not translate the file the same way. It’s for this reason there are literally hundreds of video convertors on the market. Some of them are targeted at home users for personal use, while others can cost hundreds of dollars to provide professional quality conversion.

For most home users, converting video from one codec or file type to another can be an easy process. You just need to find the right program to fit your needs. These programs all basically work the same. You determine a source file, select the file type to convert it to, and go.

It’s also important to note here than not all encoders / converters are created equal. Finding a really good media encoder that works for you can be an expensive endeavor. It’s also important to remember that every time you convert a video or otherwise reencode it, you will experience quality loss. Video compression is a tricky process that degrades a video’s quality by its very nature. Imagine you’re taking a large photo, scaling it down a tiny bit, saving it, and blowing it back up every time you encode.

Below are a few solutions for Windows and Mac users:



All prices listed below are based on their current price on the Mac App Store.

Please keep in mind, this is only a small portion of the countless video conversion and encoding programs on the market.

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  • After successfully completing the process above I arrived at the same place. I then
    successfully installed a couple of aps. Radar Weather was one of the aps.

    However … the first time I ran Radar Weather if performed perfectly. Every
    successive time I ran it I got a notice saying that location services needed
    to be turned on. I checked and noted that I was indeed connected to my
    network, so that should have been enough, but I was never able to get that
    or any other ap requiring location services to run.

    I searched on the net, and found that this is indeed a problem (the note
    listed unable to enable location services as a “signature” problem.

    Has anyone else encountered this, and is there a solution for this problem?

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  • But if the machines are on the same LAN then just enable LAN sync and the other computers don’t matter.

  • Doesn’t the bandwidth limit refer to copyrighted video? Also, if you provided your credentials to Comcast, isn’t it more than likely they would give you a pass?

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  • were can I get the files needed to do this

  • So I downloaded it all and now it’s stalled on the opening “nook color” writing across the screen when your reboot. Anything to fix that?

  • So do you use Win32 Disk Imager on manualnooter? Or just CWM? It says to copy, I don’t know if that means to make it an image on the MicroSD.

  • my nook is stuck in loading? i can’t get to the install from zip thing

  • Thank you for sharing the instructions for rooting a Nook Color.

    I had my NC (v1.2.0 blue dot) rooted by following your instructions. Some of you might have fared better but yesterday after updating to v1.3.0, I lost connection to two of the five programs/icons on the home screen (if you can call it that). Also, I could not connect to the Android Market. So I had to reset (by doing the 8 Ns) and revert to stock v1.2, updated to v1.3 and rooted (again) using the method above.

    It works fine now.

  • Thank you! I also lost my root access after the automatic 1.3 update. Thanks to your instructions, I have access to Android Market again!

  • I just did this, however, gmail does not sync, and there is no “accounts and sync” location to set it up. What did I miss? Everything looks good so far.

  • Just wanted to say what a great web-site you have. Iā€™m just starting out in this hobby and your site has been a great resource.

  • Software: Version 1.3.0
    Problem: After powering off, on start up, hangs at “Nook co”.

    Here’s my experience and solution (not sure if it works for you):

    After rooting, everything works. I could turn off/power off my Nook Color without any problem. But after a day or so, the NC would auto-update the following programs:

    Superuser (updates to v3.05)
    Adobe Air (updates to v3.0.0.408)
    Gmail (updates to v2.3.5.2)
    Adobe Flash Player (updates to
    ROM Manager (updates to v4.7.0.5)

    This is where the problem starts. After switching it off (power off) and re-starting, hangs at the words “Nook co” and goes on an endless loop. Grrrrrr.

    I re-rooted my NC 7+ times to isolate which of the five updated apps was causing the problem “hang.”

    It was the two Adobe apps causing trouble.

    Solution: Uninstall Adobe updates

    Adobe Air from v3.0.0.408 rolled back to v2.6.0.1912
    Adobe Flash Player from v11.0.1.153 rolled back to v10.3.185.22

    Works fine now šŸ™‚

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