How to Download Your Instagram Photos

Making a backup copy of your Instagram photos is a great idea for anyone wishing to either switch to another photo sharing service or simply copy their existing photos over to a different storage platform for safe keeping. Like any free online service, Instagram doesn’t guarantee that your photos are safe and sound for all time. In fact, the service could very well be shut down next week if Facebook deems it appropriate.

Enter Instaport, a free online tool that enables you to download all of your Instagram photos as well as any you might have Favorited along the way. The tool itself is entirely browser-based and the only thing you need to do to use it is log in to your Instagram account and grant permission to Instaport to access your information. This might be a concern to anyone who doesn’t prefer to use third-party apps that require a login to personal accounts, but it does work remarkably well.


After all, it’s just gaining access to your Instagram account, which usually doesn’t have any particularly personal information on it, anyway.

So what can you do with Instaport?

  • Download all of your photos from Instagram to a .zip folder.
  • Download just the last X photos you took.
  • Download photos you took between specified dates.
  • Download photos you liked from other users on Instagram.
  • Download photos tagged with a specific hashtag.

An upcoming feature on the service is expected to enable you to send your Instagram photos directly to Facebook, Flickr, or an RSS feed. Not bad.

As for me, I used Instaport to download my entire collection of Instagram photos so that I could add them to my iPhone library and upload them directly to Flickr. The entire process took about 10 minutes, with most of that time being spent waiting for Instaport to compile my photos into a .zip file.

Have you used Instaport? What was your experience like? Where can we find your photos now?

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