How to Endorse Feeds on Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue is a social media game that works by bringing many of your social network profiles and blogs into one place so other users can discover and even “invest” in your online presence. Your profile’s value increases as you interact with people on various social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), upload and comment on photos posted on Flickr, and post updates on your blog(s). In short, you will do better on Empire Avenue if you maintain a high level of interaction with your social circle and/or audience online.

Your activities on Empire Avenue can also improve your dividends, which usually results in higher share values for your investors. These activities includes leaving public messages (shouts) for others on their wall, replying to messages left on your own, investing in others, taking part in community conversations, and endorsing genuine feeds on other people’s profiles.

Endorsing your investments’ blogs can be helpful to you in more ways than one. For example, a feed recently posted by a friend requires five endorsements before they can apply to have it approved as a blog. Once a feed reaches blog status, anything they post on that site from that point forward is put towards their earnings and, in turn, the dividends they can pay out to investors. Endorsing blogs owned by your connections can result in a return of the favor when you add a feed to your profile. It’s good Karma.

So, how do you go about endorsing a feed?

Pull Up the Profile of the Person You’d Like to Endorse
In order to endorse someone’s feed/blog, you need to actively look at their profile. To do this, you can click on their name as you find it on your news feed, stock ticker, or through Empire Avenue’s search feature on the upper-right hand corner of the screen. In short, if the URL you’re visiting doesn’t have their ticker symbol in it, you’re not viewing their profile.

Click on Connections
The Connections area of their profile can be found by clicking the tab labeled Connections located directly below their profile photo and to the left of their dividends information. It is the third tab from the left. You can endorse feeds through the main page of their profile as well, though this is typically a partial list including their most popular content.

Endorse the Feed
Scroll down the page until you see the feed or blog you would like to endorse. If there is a green Endorse! button located to the right side of the feed, give it a click and two pop-ups will verify your intentions and confirm the endorsement.

That’s it; you’re done. At this point, you can leave a message on your connection’s wall letting them know you endorsed their blogs (another dividend-adding activity) and move on.

If you find someone that is claiming ownership of a feed/blog they aren’t actually affiliated with, you can choose to flag the feed using the Report Abuse button (red) located to the left of the Endorse! button mentioned previously. This will make it easier for someone who actually does have the right to claim a feed as their own to do so.

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