How to Invite Friends to the Closed Google+ Beta

Citing “insane demand,” Google has temporarily ceased allowing new Google+ invitations to go out to current members’ friends and family. The option to invite new friends disappeared yesterday (June 29, 2011) evening and is expected to return once Google gives the go-ahead. There is a workaround, however, that will allow you to send invitations to your pals, even during this temporary hold. While it may not get them immediate access to the network (that is still being throttled by Google), it may move them up in line ahead of non-invited interested parties. Here’s how to invite friends on the closed Google+ Beta:

Make Sure the People You Are Adding Are in Your Contact List
If you haven’t added the person you would like to invite to your Gmail or other Google contact lists, you don’t have to. It does save you a few seconds in the long run, so you may benefit from doing so before starting the next step.

Create An Invitation Circle
Using the Circles feature of Google+,  you can create a groups of friends both inside and outside of the social network. For example, your email contact can be added by name or by copying and a pasting their email address in to the Add a new person field. If the person is not already in your contacts list, you will be prompted to enter their name prior to adding them to the circle.

Send an Invitation Using a Google+ Status Update
At this point, your circle should be filled with the folks you’d like to send the invitations to. All you need to do is head over to your home page and start a status message. You’ll need to set it up only to relay the status message to your invitation circle. Once this is done, enter a message indicating the reason for your contacting them and hit send. Your friends that aren’t already signed up (using that email address) will receive an email giving them the opportunity to join Google+.

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