How to Lose Weight by Running from Zombies

How to Lose Weight by Running from ZombiesIf I were to tell you there was an app available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone that could help you lose weight by turning your morning jog into a real-life version of a zombie movie, would you be interested? I’m constantly struggling with my own weight issues, and finding a reason to keep moving forward during a particularly tiring jog is difficult. If you’re like me, you’re constantly seeking that one app, gadget, or solution to make workouts just a little easier.

Enter Zombies, Run! This cross-platform app allows you to insert yourself into a real-life zombie movie and turn that boring morning jog into a full-on run for your life. With just your phone and a pair of headphones, you can experience what can only be described as one of the most intense interactive workout programs ever crafted for a mobile device. Seriously, this app is insane.

Here are some of the elements Zombies, Run! brings to the table:

  • GPS Tracking
  • Detailed Storyline
  • Voice Acting and Dynamic Characters
  • Speed Tracking and a Zombie Chase Mode
  • Gamification Through Item Pickups and Base Upgrades
  • Social Sharing Capabilities (Route and/or Distance)
  • Works Anywhere and at Any Speed
  • Music Breaks from Your Own Playlists
  • Extended Content for Longer Runs

What is Zombies, Run!?

Zombies, Run! is a cross-platform app that takes you through an audio story while you’re out walking, jogging, or working out on the treadmill. The idea is to motivate you and make you forget that you’re working out by bringing in a distracting storyline you can really get into, the gamification of picking up items and improving your home base by bringing back supplies, and of course making you feel as though you’re being chased down by a horde of zombies ready to pounce on you and eat your brains.

There is an optional chase component that pushes you to run faster than you did the time before in order to avoid the zombies in pursuit. If a zombie catches you, you lose one of your items as you toss it aside to distract them. This makes building up your home base more difficult, so you want to avoid being caught at all costs.

This isn’t exactly the best app for folks that don’t like being pushed, but it could very well be one of the coolest methods of motivation of any fitness app out there.

The Story / Experience

You are Runner 5, a designated runner sent outside the township in order to gather supplies that have been strewn around the outskirts such as first aid kits, bandages, sports bras, batteries, and water. While you’re outside the gates, zombies are in hot pursuit almost the entire time. You have radio communication with the township as well as anyone that may be out with you on patrol.

As you run, the story unfolds giving you more and more information as to how the world got the way it is, where the zombies come from, and how the human race can survive. You hear updates from other townships as well. After the mission is complete, you can continue working out as you hear two comedic disk jockeys give plot-driven commentary about the situation between songs from your playlist.

The majority of the time you’re working out, you’ll hear music from your own playlist of choice. This allows you to set (and maintain) a pace as you’re out for your jog. This doesn’t work very well on Android, though, since Google Play doesn’t share playlists with apps. Still, you can download Winamp for Android and work things out that way.


What I found particularly interesting about this app was how well it tracked my movement. My distance, pace, and time spent in the mission are all logged and made available to you during your workout. I especially liked how it told me (quite accurately) how long I’d have to walk at a given pace to reach a mile. The GPS tracking is very accurate, and quite useful in this application.

You can even share your route with friends if you want to. This could be a great advantage if you find a particularly fun trail that you’d like to recommend others take.

Final Thoughts

Zombies, Run! is an incredibly fun app to work out with. I’ve had the hardest time finding motivation to go out and walk (especially in the Texas summer heat) lately, and this app has turned that around. I look forward to the new missions, and there are plenty of them. The storyline is gripping enough to make you want more, but not overpowering to the point where your workout is broken up by it.

At $7.99, it may not be the cheapest app, but you really do get what you pay for here. Whether you’re on iOS, Android, or Windows Phone, this could be one of your better fitness app purchases.

Image Source: Zombies, Run!

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