How to Make a Phone Stand Using LEGO

LEGO is known for its versatility and wide range of shapes and components that can be combined to create pretty much anything the mind can come up with. But did you know LEGO can also be used in practical applications around the house? Sure, you can spend $15, $20, or even $50 on a decent phone stand that doesn’t take up a lot of space, or you can build one with LEGO for much less. Recently, a member of our community over at BrickTrix submitted a video demonstrating some basic designs he’s come up with to turn otherwise ordinary LEGO pieces into a functional and capable stand for an iPod touch and a smartphone.

Josh Hadley-Dottin‘s designs are pretty genius in their simplicity and aesthetic qualities. The stands themselves look pretty good, despite being made out of extremely simply LEGO bricks.

Here are the basic components for his iPod touch stand design (LEGO model numbers appear in parentheses):

  • 1 – Brick 1×2 (300426)
  • 2 – Brick 1X6, Ø4,9 (389426)
  • 1 – Plate 4X8 (303526)

By placing the 1×6 bricks on either side of the iPod touch, he was able to provide enough support to keep the iPod touch from falling over without creating a stand that was either too bulky or too distracting from the iPod touch itself. The holes in the 1×6 bricks aren’t required to replicate his stand design, but they do make for an attractive extra. By placing a 1×2 piece behind the backing 1×6, the backing piece received the additional support it needs, again without making a design that appears too bulky or cluttered.

Another stand he created for the video was intended specifically for his LG Viewty KU990. This phone is significantly thicker than the iPod touch, and that required a sturdier design. Here are the components of Josh’s KU990 stand:

  • 1 – Plate 6X8 (303626)
  • 1 – Brick 2X2 (4211060)
  • 1 – Brick 1X6, Ø4,9 (389426) (An additional 1×6 brick is recommended for maximum support)
  • 1 – Brick 2X4 (300126)

In this design, he accommodated for the wider footprint of the phone while maintaining the same basic appearance of the iPod touch stand. With a thicker base and backing bricks, the heavier device will be less likely to fall or break apart the build. Josh does recommend using an extra 1×6 stud if you intend to use the phone’s touch screen while on the stand itself to provide additional support to the front piece.

So, what are your LEGO stand designs? Please feel free to leave a comment or submit your own video to the BrickTrix channel.

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