How to Manage Your To-Do List and Track Time with a Single App

If you have any problems keeping up with the many things you need to get done during the day, and you have a responsibility to bill for the time you do use, you may be interested in trying out Desktop Task Timer LE for the Mac from 82 Inc. This free app (available at the Mac App Store) takes two concepts of time management and combines them into one, allowing you to plan your day out and easily switch between tasks without stopping your work to reset a timer.

First, the app has two main parts. The first is the list window where you can list out everything you need to get done and the second sits on your task bar so you can get the window out of the way and still manage the timer without switching away from the task at hand.

The list allows you to assign yourself tasks and it works in much the same way as any other to-do list. You can create more fields as you need them and delete any that you don’t really need to get done that day. You can also browse previous days’ lists and create a template for tasks that you repeat on a regular basis. This feature alone can save you time preparing for your day ahead.

The task bar interface is much more trimmed down. Once you have everything you need to get done in the to-do list (you can go back later to make changes), close the window and you’re ready to start work. A left-click on the task bar interface will present you with a start and stop option as well as a mini version of your list so you can switch between tasks without stopping the timer or having to open a window.

Preferences available in this free version are pretty basic. You can choose to reuse the same timesheet and forgo the calendar option (which allows you to track time daily over a period of time). You can also set how much your time is rounded (useful for invoice systems with specific rounding requirements). Activating a multitask mode gives you the ability to clock time for two individual tasks at the same time. This comes in handy when you’re billing on a per-task basis and you’re actively working both tasks simultaneously.

There is a paid version of Desktop Task Timer that allows you to assign tasks to groups, filter task lists based on groups, export task lists for date and time range, sync tasks over any shared folder, and calculate earnings per group or task. The full version also gives you the ability to enter more detailed notes if your client requires specific information to justify time spent.

Overall, Desktop Task Timer LE is a decent solution for professionals who work from home on their Mac and need to manage billable tasks. It isn’t the most robust system out there, but for the price, it’s not bad.

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