How to Organize a Podcast

So, you’ve got all the ideas and equipment you need to start podcasting. Do you know how you plan to organize your podcast? What order will you put various topics in, and how will you introduce them to your audience? Determining how to organize your show can be just as important as the content itself when it comes to grabbing the attention of your audience and inspiring them to tune in when new episodes come out. Here are some tips on how to organize a podcast:

The first 14 seconds of your podcast is the most important in terms of grabbing your audience and holding their attention. During that time, each listener (or viewer) makes the decision of whether or not they are going to sit back and enjoy the rest of your presentation, or move on to something more interesting. If your podcast covers multiple topics, lead with your most important story and quickly insert other topics within that initial 14 seconds. Giving a brief summary of what you’re going to cover in single-sentence format allows the viewer to better decide if your show has something of interest to them.

How to Organize a PodcastKeep the Best for Last
If you have one story or topic in particular that is without a doubt the highlight of the entire episode, keep it for last. Your audience will be more inclined to endure topics that are of less interest to them if there is a promise of something big to come. Remind viewers of what’s coming up frequently to refresh their memory about why they’re continuing to tune in. This is especially important for podcasts that are recorded using a live stream.

Keep the Energy Up
If there is a lull in your podcast, your audience will notice it. They will likely make note of it either by discontinuing their viewership or making a comment on the page. Keep the energy up throughout the podcast, and don’t hesitate to cut out any weak spots during editing. Your audience will appreciate it, and so will your advertisers. This doesn’t mean you should get too anxious to edit; sometimes that story that a few loud people didn’t like is the one that makes the show a hit in the long run.

Don’t Begin with a Weak Story
Just because you’re saving the best for last doesn’t mean your first topic shouldn’t be exciting. Going from an exciting introduction to a mundane topic is never a good thing. If you have five topics, your best two should be in the beginning and end of your podcast. Your weakest topic should be presented right before the final, with reminders of what’s coming up spread throughout. Don’t be afraid to kill a story if it isn’t going anywhere, or doesn’t appear to be as interesting as it appears. Your audience will appreciate it in the end.

Keep Your Shows Consistent
It’s all right to mix things up once in a while, but your audience will enjoy consistence a lot more than total chaos. Once you have a format in place that everything is organized with, stick with it. If you have five stories per podcast, keep to five stories per podcast. If you have a certain length at which you try to keep every show, maintain that length if at all possible. It’s all right to run out of time and continue something on the next episode. Sometimes, that can actually encourage more subscriptions (as long as you don’t do it all the time).

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