How to Run Multiple EVE Online Clients on OS X

How to Run Multiple EVE Online Clients on OS XEVE Online is one of the most popular MMO titles available for the Mac, and many EVE players enjoy running multiple clients and controlling several characters at the same time. Unlike most MMOs, EVE doesn’t require the constant undivided attention that most online games require. This allows players to easily switch between clients and assign tasks to various characters as needed.

So, how do you set up multiple instances of EVE Online on OS X? To start, there are several ways to accomplish this task, and each method has its own set of pros and cons.

The first method, which is my personal favorite, requires you to copy the EVE file in the Applications folder so you’ll have two copies of the .app file available to you. This means you’ll need to lose several GB of storage space on your drive, but it also comes with the benefit of having two truly independent application files to launch from in the Dock. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Navigate to the Applications folder inside Finder.
  • Copy the EVE file.
  • Paste that file in the same Applications folder.
  • Rename the .app file as you see fit.
  • Right-Click the duplicate .app file and select Show Package Contents.
  • Navigate to Contents.
  • Open the Info.plist file in a text editor of your choice.
  • Navigate to CFBundleName and change the value below to “EVE Online 2?.
  • Save Info.plist.

At this point, you’ll have two completely separate EVE Online installations. Each will update independently, and the CFBundleName value may reset itself after each update. Make sure you check each time, and rename it to the same bundle name each time.

Another method allows you to spawn a second client from a single EVE Online .app file. This allows you to save on hard drive space, and avoid having to reset the BundleName each time there is an update. This method works, but is prone to crashes due to a shared set of settings files which can cause errors between competing instances. Here’s how to set up this multiple client method:

  • Make sure EVE Online is installed and running properly.
  • Open Terminal
  • Type “open -n /Applications/EVE\” and hit Return.

Every time you type this command, a new instance will open that allows you to log in as a different character. Remember, both characters share the same settings, so a change made to one will reflect on another.

Finally, you can use an application called EVE Clonemaker, which will handle duplicating the application and setting everything else up for you. Client updates will still need to be made independently, but you should only apply patches to the primary EVE Online application file. You can download a copy of EVE Clonemaker here.

There are other ways to make this happen, but these are several that have worked for me. Do you play EVE Online? What race is your character? Comments welcome.

CC licensed Flickr photo by Psycho Al

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  • Yes i do play EVE i have played since 2008 i have multiple toons gellente minmatar amarr an caldari 

  • Yes i do play EVE i have played since 2008 i have multiple toons gellente minmatar amarr an caldari 

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