How to Run Programs as Administrator in Windows 8

The Start screen makes launching Windows programs a very different experience. Where we would once navigate through a list and have immediate access to a variety of tools and launch options with a right-click, the experience has changed significantly. That doesn’t mean these advanced options aren’t available to you. They’ve just been moved.

Let me start by saying that Windows programs and Windows 8 apps are very different. Each can look and operate with fairly similar features, though one is built on a platform that we know and love and the other is made to run within a more protected (and less accessible) environment. Windows programs you knew and loved from Windows 7 will still run in Windows 8, but new apps purchased for the Modern UI environment are just built differently. If you’re running as the built-in administrator (hidden administrator account baked into Windows), then you may not have access to these apps at all. A standard administrator user account can, but won’t be able to run these apps “as an administrator” as these apps don’t have an administrator mode, really.

Legacy Windows programs are still just as accessible as they once were. Here’s how to run them in administrator mode.

From the Desktop

How to Run Programs as Administrator in Windows 8Launching an app in administrator mode from the desktop is the same process it has always been. If you have the program linked by way of a shortcut on the desktop, the process is fairly simple. You just need to right-click the icon and select Run as Administrator from the menu that appears.

This will work for the vast majority of Windows programs you have linked on the desktop.

From the Start Screen

How to Run Programs as Administrator in Windows 8Doing the same thing from the Start Screen is just a bit different. You still right-click the application as it appears in the main or search area of the interface, but instead of clicking an option in a pop-up menu near your mouse, you’ll need to look at the bottom of the screen to find the option.

During the initial Developer and Consumer Preview versions of Windows, this feature was buried inside an Advanced button in the bottom bar, but as of the RTM / final version of Windows 8, this feature is prominently displayed as a primary option.

Just right-click the app and left-click the Run as Administrator icon on the bottom of the screen. This will launch the program in the desktop the same way it would if you had done the previous steps directly from the older operating environment.

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  • Windows 8 is kind of similar to other Windows versions. I just feel as though things are more hidden in Windows 8.

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